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Keeping Interferon cool whilst travelling


Hi all

Just wondering if anyone has any tips for travelling with Interferon? I’m travelling to Portugal in a couple of weeks and will need to take 5 syringes - total travel time around 7 hours taking into account airport and transfer time. I was going to buy a small cool bag for hand luggage. Any thing else?

Many thanks


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I use a large Frio. I’m on Pegasys. The large fits 4 syringes and protective box. Keeps everything cool for 56 hours, activated with water. Remember to get a travel letter from your doctor.

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Thanks Eleanor, that’s really useful. Have a letter from hem to my doctor confirming the meds I’m on so will hopefully be acceptable.

Thanks again


Hi, I agree with Eleanor. I had the set question a few weeks ago and was advised to get a Frio Insulin wallet. I did, and was grateful for the advice. It works via evaporation. You put the inner pouch in water for about 30 mins and then put the insulin inside this. It works really well. You can get the on-line for around £15.

Hopefully the fact that this solution does not involve an ice pack will mean that it won’t be confiscated on the way back if you carry it in hand luggage. At airport security I was told I could carry the refrigerated pack with the syringe inside on the way but they removed the ice pack on the way back when the pouch was empty !?

Have a look at this

It has worked well for me on long and short flights, but make sure you take a letter with you from your doctor.

Have a look at Frio Cooling Products : recommended to me by a type 1 diabetic friend. Different sizes of wallets with a gel activated by water. Very simple to use and no cool bag required. I am very pleased with mine, also took it to Portugal! Enjoy your holiday!

I took interferon in a small cold bag with mini ice packs in my hand luggage and had no trouble on the outward and return flights. But it sounds like others have the best solution. Good luck, Amanda

I travel to Portugal a lot and just use a small cold bag with mini ice packs. Most times no one asks questions or looks into it which I found surprising. I take a letter from the haemo confirming I am on Pegasys. Only once it was read! But from the other responses, seems like there are more sophisticated ways of travelling with the product! I shall look into these too. Have a great time! Xxx

Thanks for all your replies folks!

I think I’ll order the Frio wallet as it looks ideal.

Just another thought in my ignorance; how do you go about disposing of the used needles abroad?


I just put them back in the boxes with the needle guard on and took them home in my suitcase for disposal at home. May be someone else has a better solution?

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I brought a small sharps bin that they gave me at the hospital.

Mini sharps bin to dispose of needles then transport home in suitcase. Have a small cool bag for way out worked brilliantly and had no issues at customs and never stopped. Enjoy your holiday

Thanks again. I’ll get a mini sharps bin then. Wasn’t sure if it would cause problems at customs on way back but I suppose if they’re empty and in the hold, they won’t be concerned.

Apologies for the basic questions - this is all new to me!😬

Thanks again


You can buy the mini fridges the airlines accept as they ares used for diabetes insulin etc. Amazon has them.

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