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Good afternoon guys and gals,

Yesterday I woke up with a bruise on my back, hot to touch, painful to touch, sore when I walk, sit, stand. I’m not really sure what to do. Should I call 111 or just leave it and see if it goes away?

Oh FYI, I am currently on the liver transplant list, I have Liver Cirrhosis and PV 🙂

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Hi Chelle, I think anything new is better checked out especially since it is hot and painful. Definitely phone for advice or go directly to A&E. Let us know how you get on. It’s probably nothing but better safe than sorry.

Kindest regards Aime xx😺😺

Got to agree with Aime if it's new get it seen to. It would be Monday now

Ja - Good advise, esp if hot and painful ... don't look bad though and we know you're hot :) ... chiny up lady!

I agree with the others Chelle, with your history you should get it checked. I assume you haven’t been doing any boxing! 🥊

Judy x

Hi Chelle, think it would be a good idea to have it checked, especially as you do not know how you got it.

Keep us informed, would love to see the rest of the tattoo looks pretty. My daughter has one there to.

Jean x

Hon if it just showed up hot and bruised I would let someone have a look at it maybe infected, (you think) My back hurts right around there also but it ain’t hot or bruised . So if you go let me know what they say maybe later I can add that to the list of on going or not going parts. But you go first


Hi chelle, please go straight to A.E x

Hope it is not anything problematic Chelle,you have so much to cope with

Pad slipped sorry,wishing you all the best .Sally. Xx

You should definitely get it checked out. Hope it is nothing!

Hi everyone, thank you for your concern, two doctors later, my INR is high, so my warfarin has been reduce for a few days before building back up. Keep an eye on it and hope that's it.

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