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Lack of bruising, puzzling!


I dropped a big cupboard on my foot on Sunday. Went to A&E Monday as I couldnt walk. Xray showed no breaks.

I still cant walk & would have expected my foot to be black & blue by now but there's no bruise at all!

Could this be because my blood is so thick? I'm under Guys but have no diagnosis yet, still having tests for cause of high red cell count.

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Hi Vicky, strange I'm asking myself the same question. After a raft of blood tests on Monday night and 4 different areas tried for a vein, I have hardly any bruising to show for it. .Kind regards Aime xx

I’ve not heard of thicker blood causing no bruising, it can be the opposite with PV sometimes- easier bruising and bleeding

I have been trying to find the answer to this for a couple years. It seems many MPN patients bruise easily. I almost never get a bruise. On Monday I fell on my treadmill. It tumbled me around and I slammed hard on my hip and just above my ankle on my shin. It hurts a lot and feels bruised but there are no visible bruises, just a little knot on my shin bone. I was once hit hard by a baseball just below my eye and it left no mark. I’m fairly clumsy and many times feel like I’ve earned a good bruise but I don’t get them. One exception is when I walked into a vent hole during a contruction project and fell down to mid thigh. But even then it was very mild bruising.

I always tell my husband it’s a good thing I didn’t marry a wife beater because I would never be able to prove it!

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😂Sounds just like me! I'm really clumsy but never have a bruise. I wonder why yet some people bruise more. One for the specialists!

I'm wondering the same thing. Since starting on asprin and hydroxy, I have bruised easily but recently I have noticed much less bruising. I have been wondering if my medication needs increasing.

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