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Good to see Chris (Jedireject) back online, even with that haircut! He’s got a lot more hair than me!

Just landed from New Zealand where we atttended a transplant buddy’s wedding, kayaked/camped the Abel Tasman coast and watched Whales. Met a third transplantee at the wedding (this one from USA). who I met at a transplant conference in 2012 and helped to consider his options resulting in him moving away from Chinese herbal pills, that, allegedly, would cure all, to SCT. However he did have to have two transplants, but is now doing well

Will be wandering around any regional MPNVoice meetings that I can and look forward to meeting anyone here. Also always available to help anyonewith SCT info.


Chris (the one with the Princess Leia stem cells)

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Lovely to hear from you Chris,

It sounds like you have had fantastic time! It just shows that there is life after MPN/ SCT. Good on you.

Judy x

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Crumbs the force is certainly with us


What an incredible trip - and it sounds like there is a fascinating back story! Perhaps you could find a means to tell it. MPN Voice newsletter? PatientPower?


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