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Good Blood counts = cured?

End of 2013 I was diagnosed with MF and a few months later this was revised to MDS/MF overlap type of symdrom - this resulted in a SCT in August 2015.

8 months down the line from my SCT, my blood counts are very good - white/red/platelets haemoglobin - and have been for a few months now.

Although my post SCT treatment hasn't finished yet (the medication levels have been greatly reduced though) can the 'good' blood counts be considered as proof that the MDS/MF has been cured by the stem cell transplant, or is the only way of really being sure is to have a BMB biopsy?

Perhaps it's too early to tell yet?

Any help or experience would be appreciated.

Have a nice weekend everyone (what's more here in France it's another 3 day WE :-) ).


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I dont know the answer, i believe with cancers there are different classes of remission, i am sure with blood cancers there is something called hematological remission which is essentially your blood counts staying stable without venesections or transfusions.

For a complete remission I would have thought there needs to be evidence its continued for a certain length of time and drug free maybe.

Whatever the answer you get it really does sound like fantastic news for you and others that might be thinking of going down this route, so please keep us all informed of your progress.

All the best



Good News Crapaud,hope it continues,nice to have cheerful posts !

Mine are rubbish this month,last month was great now it's worry again!!Never mind ,Brocante in the village for Pentecote,go and find some more junk to fill the hose with.

Bon Weekend !


Meant house,Hydroxy brain today .


Sounds like you have a similar perception of a brocante as my wife; she spends hours/days boxing things up for sale at the summer vide-grenier, and then buys almost as much stuff during the numerous brocantes during the year.

That's what she enjoys, a happy and loving wife is something to cherish especially in view of what my health has put us through lately.

Have a nice WE without too much rain for the brocante.


I don't know the answer but hope with everything I have that it is the end of illness for you. Kindest regards Aime x😺


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