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The sun has his hat on

Well my friends, been to the hospital this morning, and all my result are good, my Haematologist was very pleased, so back in four months time. Was a bit concerned as the main entrance to the hospital had security and the men were making people wash their hands as it has the Norovirus again 😷🤐🤮 but makes you laugh the entrance to the Chartwell wing that I attend had no such thing and staff and the public seemed to be using these doors making that area one very,very cold and very busy, and there was a lot of poorly patients sitting there waiting for treatment. On the way out using the main entrance the que streatched quite a way absolute mayhem.

But hey the sun has his hat on today, and all’s right with the world as far as I am concerned.

Jean xx

5 Replies

Well done Jean

A lovely positive post and a great photo of you xx


jean that’s brilliant news really happy for u


Well done! Nice to hear good news.


So pleased for you - long may your good results last 🤞 xx

Love Dianne xx


Great news! And that’s a great photo. I wish you many more sunny days.

BTW, I wish we had more mandatory hand washing around here. There’s a lot of flu here - compulsory handwashing might help contain the spread.


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