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Review of tablets at GP surgery

Well here I go again folks. Had to attended my GP surgery for a review of my tablets before they would do a repete prescription, well had to see a new very young doctor who is new to the surgery as my usual one is on holiday, omg really concerned she did not know what ET was never heard of it or any MPN come to that, asked me why I was taking a tablet called Hydroxycarbamide and was there any need to take Asprin as it causes bleeding of the stomach, told her I have enteric coated ones to help to protect the lining and need to take along with said Hydroxy and other tables for Thyroid and blood pressure. She took my blood pressure which was up slightly ( white coat syndrome ) I say, then without any warning she said she is going to refer me to a cardiologist WHY if she was to look at my records she might of seen that I have had blood pressure for years and controlled with Zestril Lisinipril, really had enough now don't need all of this, why don't doctors read notes before seeing you. 😩

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It's frightening!!!

My husband sees his hematologist every 3 months he writes to his gp.

However my husband gamma gt levels are constantly rising so the gp has written to the hematologist to ask his advice.

My husband is taking hydroxy, asprin he also takes a lansoperzole for stomach protection.


Hi, how annoying, you don't need the extra hassle! My consultant haematologist writes my prescriptions and I collect the pills from the hospital pharmacy after I've seem him. He writes to my GP each time to keep him informed but the GP doesn't get involved at all. Perhaps you could arrange similar? Best wishes, Frances.


I agree. Every time I go to the surgery I see a different doctor. The last one I saw had never heardof ET either !

I found this shocking to be honest. There I was explaining to a qualified physician as best I could about MPN'S !

I have no confidence in my gp's at all.

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I am so sorry that you are feeling so vulnerable after this experience .Maybe phone your surgery & ask for the GP you saw to phone you . Leave a brief message regarding what you need to ask her so she can review your notes before hand.

Perhaps you could use this challenging experience to get in touch with MPN Voice & ask for a set of their fantastic booklets about MPNs to leave at your surgery. It will give GPs the basics & then they'll be on the look out for other patients with them & then be able to point them in the direction of the charity for support on their diagnosis . Take care .

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Hi Annie, what a good idea, I will get in touch with Maz and see what she can send me, might help, as we have so many new doctors now at the surgery, my main man retired a couple of years ago just as he got me diagnosed he knew all about ET he was amazing a real dedicated doctor if it had not been for him god knows where I would of been.

So thanks Annie. X


Hi Superwoman,

I understand your frustration

My GP is no better I'm afraid every time I have an appointment with GP it's always someone different I get sick of explaining the ET condition to them , And none of them have heard of it , ( shocking ) remind me why we pay our taxes ,

I've recently got a transfer to a MPN consultant ( it's wonderful to see her & not need to explain the whole thing over & over again ,

It's a great idea as

@ Annie46 suggested

( thanks for that ),

I to am going to get some booklets

To drop into my local surgery,

Hope you get the care you deserve ,

From Pam X


Thanks Pam, not holding my breath though.


That would take too much time.


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