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Positive thinking and lots of exercise!

Positive thinking and lots of exercise!

Morning all! Speaking from a drizzly blooming old Lake District, thought I'd post a photo from a couple of days ago when we actually saw the sun - seems like months ago today because it's FREEZING!

Anyway, never mind, things are bound to buck up. It was really nice to meet so many of you at the forum and I think we all owe a huge vote of thanks to Andrew Schorr and his lovely wife Esther who work like Trojans ALL the time ( even when on holiday) to further the interests of all the patients affected by blood cancers, all over the world. I

I speak from experience because they've been staying with us for a few days - great company both and indescribably dedicated.

Here's to some warm sunshine!




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Love this picture Louise ! Hope they are wrapped up warm ..I know you are feeding them well and healthy ..I loved meeting up at the London forum .thank god for our MPD voice ..we are so much a community ..the support is invaluable ..enjoy your holidays ...twinkly. Xx


Great picture, as Twinkly says thank god for our support network,xx Aime


Aye Louise lovely pic and I hope the old 'currant bun' makes a prolonged appearance for you all. . I know from experience that when The Lakes is wet it's very very wet. It's a mixed bag here today, sunny for ten mins then heavy showers for 20. and so on. .

I second your vote of thanks to Andrew and his lady wife who clearly do a fantastic job and go a long way to putting and keeping blood cancers in the limelight or if more appropriate to your fell walking 'on the map'.

Enjoy your jollies. JR x

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Hi Louise, yes looks lovely where you are there! sun is in and out here today in kent , i have now seen the video from last weks forum , i have to say i found it very good . 😀


Hello Louise,

Really does look nice,the fells in the background, long time since I saw it all.

I did not realise how much Andrew and his wife actually have achieved or how much they do for M P N s.Would really like to thank them as well as Maz and yourself ,others too who contribute so much.The Forum was excellent,as I am unlikely to get to one that is current when we are in U K,it was particularly beneficial to feel part of a 'group'.

I cannot contribute to fund raising here in S W Fr,it just would not work.!

My only way would be artistically ....have prints etc ..rather animal and country so would be limited appeal.A thought tho ,when next home.

Very best wishes to you and keep well.Very hot best wishes from Lot et Garonne!!

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Hello Inca,

I'm another resident in France - Maine et Loire - afflicted by MF.

Although I don't post often, I am very grateful to be part of the MPD voice forum.

My first read of the day!

Thanks to all.



Oh great Gary,how do you find your treatment here?

I am South West,Lot et Garonne,,Agen is my hospital,I am lucky to have a blood clinic attached


Sorry did n't finish before message sent it'self! Best wishes ,keep well,sweltering here so a bit hard to cope in 30+day and night,I am P V 5yrs


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