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Platelets went down, only on aspirin

Hi everyone, just wanted to update , today I visited my haemotologist. 3 weeks b4 my platelets were 1067, they reduced to 946..I am so excited, bcz I think its very unlikely. I have been.diagnosed few months b4 with ET, highest count was 1589.Only taking baby aspirin. I think, something related to diet seriously affects our count.Bcz in last three weeks I am exclusively on clean eating. I am vegetarian, so options for me to eating out are already few, So I am trying to cook my meals myself , no sugar at all, lots of fruits n vegies, and portion.control..Lost 1.5 kg also n feeling great overall. No more migrains, just few episodes of visual aura but for short duration. and yes I take turmeric, which folks here suggested me..but one more thing I am doing is drinking apple cider vingar daily...will update soon, n hoping witj good news..thanks

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Hi there, found your post really interesting. I was diagnosed with ET a few months ago and have been started on Interferon. I have quite a few symptoms with ET and side effects from the medication. I have been thinking about dietary factors so am going to modify it and see how things go.


Hi Atlantic,

I can understand the side effects of medicine. I was initially on anagrelide, but was feeling terrible, so stoped that. My Haemo put me only on aspirin, initially my counts bounced back high, but I determined to avoid medicine..People here say that plant based diet helps, as I am already vegetarian, so It was a plus point for me..You.already had an incidence of haemorhage, so I think you.should be careful in leaving cytoreduction therapy. I am 34 years old female, mother of two.toddlers, younger one is special needs child. So I often.feel really fatigued n.worn out . I am also suffering from hypothyroidism, so was already struggling with levels, n then this ET came in my life. But staying positive really helps..U might have heard abt placebo effect..

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Hi Mustabshra, like you I'm also a vegetarian but unfortunately have a sweet tooth, perhaps a bit of comfort eating too! I intend to start a new regime of a better diet, you sound like you are benefiting from yours. I think having children who are dependent on us is a great motivating factor in getting on top of this condition. You sound like you're a very positive person which hopefully helps with all the demands of everyday like including managing the additional needs of your youngest child. Thanks for replying to me. It's really good to benefit from others advice/experiences. Everyone is generous with their time and support which is lovely especially when you're coping with a new condition such as this. Thank you.


Platelets - aspirin. Hi Mustabrasha. What you write sounds very encouraging. Need to find a good diet (although I do eat sensibly). I am very interested in turmeric. What does is do and how much andGPs in what form do you take? Hints on your diet would be appreciated too.Thanks and all good wishes. Mary


Hi marry,

For turmeric I sometimes take turmeric tea , one teaspoon turmeric powder, cinamon, n ginger in one cup water, boiled fully..I also take turmericsupplement , 500mg once a day. Apple cider vinegar I take once a day also, by mixing two tablespoons in one glass of water.In diet, I take oatmeal in.breakfast, some fruit mostly persimon as snack, one chapati(as m indian) with homemade curry, lentile or chickpea e yougurt , again some vegies in snack, mostly carrots n cucumbers n baby tomatoes, brown bread with peanut butter sandwitch in night, as it feels filling to me n saves me from night binging..M trying to avoid dairy bcz I noticed I feel headaches after I eat cheez, yogurt, milk etc.sweets especially chocolates also bring more fatigue n lazziness in me..I completely avoid fast foods n sodas....thats something I am doing to manage my ET n Hypothyroidism..Oh yes omega3 also... I believe, everyone feels different on different diets, so it is a matter of trial n error.We should watch ourselves closely to find out wats working for us and wats making the things worse.I am Jak2 n Cal R negative, not tested for MPL.. My best wishes for you.Try to be as stress free as possible, its medically proved that platelets go up with stress..thanks


Platelets and aspirin. Hi Must rasha. Thanks for your reply re diet. Spoke to advice person at health company re turmeric and was told its used for I flamation but couldn't recommend it as I must check with haemo. Lots of you have mentioned turmeric but don't understand about Inflamation. Is it a common symptom and if so what gets inflamed? Sorry but sound a bit thick here. All of you who are taking supplements - did you check with your haemo. First? I. Understand it's a blood thinner but as so many of you have said, our medical teams seem uninterested or reluctant to go down that road. Am willing to try anything that might help but it's a minefield out there so any help you or my other "family" could comment on would be much appreciated. Best wishes. Mary


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