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Painful sores excruciating pain on my scalp. itchings started on my cheeks and open sores ate my skin woulda heel

Went to dermatologist internal medicine Dr specialist they tested me for everything, even HIV nothing . Ended up in Mexico gave me antibiotics but they over did it and did stop the sores but the sores ate my skin. Although ended up with CDIF due to the antibiotics because I'm microcidic anemic. Has anyone experience this

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I am afraid I cannot help you with your questions. I am wondering if you have posted on the correct forum? Have you been diagnosed with a MPN, myeleo proliferative neoplasm, ET, PV or MF?

Best regards




Then you've posted on the wrong forum. We all have a type of bone marrow cancer Good luck finding the right forum.


Hi Tnthmtz... :)

I do suffer from something very similar. Tnthmtz, however, I believe that it is as a result of the cytotoxic drugs that I must take to manage my MPN condition, which is Myelofibrosis.

Perhaps you might need a Full Blood Count (FBC), to be certain that you do NOT have an MPN of some description.

My dermnatologist diagnosed my scalp itchiness as being due to some sort of acne problem. Yet, throughout my youth, and my entire short life (58), I have never ever had any form of acne... (?)

Hence, I am convinced that this is due to a latent viral reaction sometimes brought about due to the Ruxolitinib...

But, I could be mistaken of course...

In any event, best wishes w/ solving your mystery.



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