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A naive query?


I am a 64 year old male with psoriatic arthritis. Was on methotrexate but now on a biological therapy via Benepali injections.

Over recent months my HG has risen steadily from 150 to 183 and my pack cell volume is 0.53.

My Rheumy has referred me for kidney scans and to haematology (suspected polycythemia).

So folks haematology appointment not until 31 October.

Now my naive question!!

Are the current HG and PCV a cause of concern and given delay in haematology appointment should I be taking any self Meds to lower any risk?

Thanks for reading my post.

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Hello James, you will need to discuss this with your GP, we cannot advise you on taking any medication. Best wishes, Maz

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Hi James, you will find technical information regarding safe upper and lower limits of HG etc on this website. This is for confirmed PV and there are other tests to do this. But high HC is a strong initial indicator.

I can only tell you my experience. A well woman routine blood test showed 49. I had an immediate appointment in haematology dept. Multiple venesections followed to get it down. That was 15 years ago. It is now kept at a level that suits me >42 with interferon. Men have higher acceptable levels..

My experience has also been that I need to know as much as possible about PV and the various ways it can be controlled. A few days ago there was a link given to Dr Mesa's videos. They are very helpful.

Good luck with your research and progress. Never worry about naive questions. We were all at your level at the beginning.



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