Little critters 😩

Not if anyone else has had this problem. I have ET and on Hydroxycarbamide, Asprin, oh and numerous other tablets.

But three weeks ago I got bitten while working in the garden it bit me on my chest "ouch" the little critter was so tiny but boy did he whack a punch causing me to have a humongous bite come up that became inflamed and infected, tried to get an appointment with the doc to no avail, so spoke with my Haemotology nurse and she told me to go back to my GP and tell them it was very important that I saw a doctor, well got one eventually with the duty doc and she gave me antibiotics, and said that if it started to have pus come out to come back and see a nurse, well on Thursday night it did just that I was in so much pain while it seemed to pump out, so in the morning rang surgery again and spoke with a doctor over the phone who said that the antibiotic were working "really" as I was not happy and tried to explain about ET she said that maybe I need to see the nurse in that case.

Long story short!!! Saw nurse who cleaned it up put silver strips over it then dressed it with a type of plaster that draws out impurities, and have to go back next week to have it looked at, and if not healing will have to have more antibiotics YUK they don't do me any favours, plus going away for a weeks holiday on Saturday.

In all my life I have only had one nasty bite, so was just wondering if we are more prone to them now, bit of a worry as I love to be outside.

I HATE BUGS nasty critters.


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  • Hi Jean as there are many of us on Hydroxy could you tell us what this little 'critter' was or even looked like, cos maybe we should all be aware of what trouble we could be in , also are you in the UK or the USA or where ever you are. Hope you are feeling better soon, Thanks June.

  • Hi June, I am in Kent. The doc seemed to think it could of been a midge it was so tiny and black, mind you I did get him and when I pinched him to death I think it was my blood that came out, don't think he would of survived with what's in my blood anyway. 😜

  • Yes,here we have so many bugs and most bite!! As you are now ,I have been so often.Never go in garden or fields without spraying clothes and skin (different for each). P V ,Hydrea and other Meds I am sure make us more sensitive to bites and stings,sun also ,which you probably know. A tiny midge bite ,I end up like chicken pox!Sometimes a plant or shrub can cause a very bad reaction on our skin too.Hope you soon feel better,and cover up when gardening,a pain but we must.Very best to you Jean

  • Yep I do all that, wear trousers, socks trainers, and long sleeves, the trouble was my top had a v neck, it just found the right spot to bite.


  • so a midge did the deed. little buggers. I was imagining something more exotic so we must all beware now , I must remember to clean out my little fountain in the garden as I don't bother too much just let it stagnate. Hopefully the winds we get in Guernsey will blow most of them away, take care Jean . June x

  • Funny thing I was by one of my water butts, and there was lots of these things flying around it, Ihought they were mosquitos, but they are bigger, this thing was tiny and black, but had a good old nibble, now have a very unsightly area that needs to be kept covered for the time being, or at least until all the muck is out, see what the nurse has to say next week, really hope it starts to heal before I go away.


  • Hi jean, how strange, I have never reacted to bites, but a few months ago I got a bite or sting on my chest. I didn't feel it happen so it was some hours later before I started rubbing in my good old Germaline. It took weeks to heal, and even now you can see where it was,particularly in the evening it can give a red stain effect about the size of a ten pence coin. My skin is so different now. I'm on hydroxy and clopidogrel. Regards Carole.

  • Hi Carole, I must admit I thought that my skin had changed even though I apply body cream every day or sun screen if I am going to be out and about 'me thinks' it could be aged related, but not going to give into that any time soon.


  • Hi Jean

    It might be possible you were bitten by a Tick. I live on the West Somerset coast and there is an absolute plague of them this year. They will bury their heads into your skin and suck blood. When you remove them you have to make sure you get the head as well otherwise the bite can become infected. A tick bite can also cause a serious infection called Lymes Disease. Always make sure you are covered up when gardening or walking in wooded areas.



  • One of my cats had a tick on its tail, had to take to vets for removal he was very unsteady on his feet for a while. Yes I am aware that ticks can cause lymes disease, so when I go out walking where it involves wooded or long grass always cover up to be on the safe side.

    Going to Devon for a few days next week, renting a house that is on a farm, so will have to very vigilant.


  • As a fair haired fair skinned person I used to react to anything that bit me. I could sleep through a thunderstorm but a mosquito in the room would wake me! It was with some trepidation that I moved to Scotland where the notorious midge hangs around in clouds. We were both conscientious about midge repellent but in the five years we lived there with midges and horse/deer flies I didn't get bitten once. My partner was definitely not so lucky so I put it down to the meds I am on. I'm on Ruxolitinib amongst other things. Piece of research for someone??

    Hope you recover from your bite very soon. It sounds really nasty. Best wishes, Jan

  • Thanks Jan, I still think it could of been a horse fly bite as I had one of them when I was younger, but docs seem to think it was a midge that just liked my blood, can't think why it's very toxic 😩 They have told me that when I go tomorrow to see the nurse she will do a swab if it is still weeping which as of last night it still is blood as well so bit of a mess really, but hey I think it's my vanity kicking in as I do love to wear v kneck tops or strappy ones.

    Let's hope it goes sooooooon

    Jean x

  • Hi Jean, definitely, since had ET, react v badly to every sort of bite and every sort of infection, so it may well be the same for you. I put it down every time to 'my weird blood'....even a tiny infection in toe took 3 months to heal and any mosquito bites can take up to 6 weeks to go....I just don't think we heal as well or as quickly as those with 'normal blood', anyway that's my theory. But you have lots of sympathy, all the same! Very best wishes, Tinkerbell13

  • Thanks Tink!!! Took dressing off last night to change what a mess, promptly put the new one on, hope I don't have to go on more antibiotics, stomach today is feeling very queasy.

    Jean x

  • I was told the Hydroxy, like regular chemo, lowers our immune system which prevents us from fighting these things as well. I live in an area in the US where Lyme Tick disease is common and it's important to tuck your pant legs into your socks so there's no bare skin. You can be extra careful and check your body over to be sure none fell onto you. I think you're supposed to wear hats too, but not certain about that. If you do get bit by a tick, immediately examine it to see if it's that kind and if do, contact your Doc asap. Hope you heal quickly Jean. Katie

  • Thanks Katie, I live in Kent but am very aware of ticks when out walking always cover up. And I also think it is the Hydroxy, as when I have been bitten in the past not such a problem and healing was good, but now it seems to drag on and so painfull. Well seeing the nurse today so hoping that when the dressing comes off it has started to heal, could not be in a worse place as I am going away for a few days next weekend and if I want to wear a nice top or dress it will show big time even if it is covered will look unsightly blooming critters 😤


  • Hi Superwoman, that sounds nasty, I hope it heals soon!? Not sure if our condition makes our blood tastier to the critters or not? I too, however, was prone to bad bites, a couple took 3 lots of anti biotics to heal, however, since taking anti histamines for hayfever the bites seem to be a lot better! Not sure if it is a coincidence but it has been an unexpected added benefit for me 😊. Good luck with getting rid of the bites! x

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