Happy Dancing

I have to share .... after months of weekly blood tests and platelet count continuing to rise until it reached 1900+ last week (1.9 million if you are in America) - today the result was 1605!!!!!!!!! How happy am I. HU was increased to 1000mg per day last week so it seems to be finally catching up with those little devils. White and red cells both OK.

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  • glad things r going in the right direction!

  • That's really great news. And you may be able to reduce the HU dose later. I was able a few months ago and my low levels have continued. Dance away! Katie

  • Yeay! And so you should share - we love to hear good news! Onward and upward! Lesley x

  • Excellent news Chris... :)

    Mine are often up & down with no apparent logic available at the present. After many months in the 800s-900s, they finally fell to 754, only to revert to 862 in the following FBC. Mine were (are) really stubborn, and it sounds like yours are too...

    Best wishes my friend, and I hope they keep falling for you...



  • Lesley - if I keep up this dancing, it might stand me in good stead for the Weekend Warrior challenge :)

  • Great news. May HU continue to befriend you. It was very good to me for over 12 years.

  • Keep your dancing shoes on 👞🎶🎵🎼 lalalala

    Best wishes lainy

  • Very pleased for you x

  • Thanks everyone for your positive comments - this truly is a great community.

  • Great news, well done. Maz

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