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Happy birthday (in more ways than one)

Hi All - today is my 45 birthday.  Not only that it is exactly (to the day) one year since I was diagnosed with PMF.  My 44th birthday as you can imagine was pretty much a write off as were the next couple of months as I came to terms with the diagnosis and what that meant to me going forward.  However, I am pleased to say that although that happened, things really haven't changed for me over the last year.  I'm still fit and well, still working full time and still able to get out and about and enjoy time with my fabulous family and my wonderful kids. 

Although it is 12 months exactly since my diagnosis, this birthday has been very different for me.  It has already been full of fun and much more to come, I have been very spoilt and treated to lots of things by my family and friends, out for lunch today and over the next few days and out over the next few evenings. 

I know I am very lucky to be in this position and I send lots of love and positive vibes to all our MPN friends who are struggling at various stages but just wanted to let the newbies on here know there is life after diagnosis and it doesn't have to be the end of the world. 

Hope you are all enjoying the sunshine.  I put a special order in for it ;-)

Lesley x

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Hello Lesley, very happy birthday to you, sounds like you are having a fabulous time.  Thank you for the sunshine, me and my dog are very grateful as we had a nice warm walk round the park today.  Maz x 

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Happy Birthday Lesley, so glad you are having such a lovely day. 


Karen. 😘🎉🎉💥🎂💃🏻💃🏻


Happy Birthday Lesley. So glad that your birthday this year has been better than last year and that you are enjoying your special day Lizxx


Happy birthday and many more to come. I have PMF diagnosed 7 years ago and still going strong!!!! Keep on enjoying life!!!


Happy Birthday Lesley X X X 


happy birthday Lesley. The real Queen for a day. X💐🎂☀


Happy Birthday for yesterday! 🎂🎂😘 So pleased you are feeling well. I think we've all been in a dark place when diagnosed (I thought I'd be dead within the week! ) Yet here we all are 😄 X


Happy Birthday. Blessings


Happy Birthday Lesley, so glad you are doing so well. Mel x


Happy 45th birthday Lesley, enjoy everything that comes your way xxx


Happy Birthday, Lesley.  Great to see good news on here. You deserve to be spoilt xx


Yey! Happy Birthday and good for you! 

Here's to the next 45 - life is great, sun is shining.....it's my husband's birthday today and he's 64 so here's a toast to you both - and the dear old Queen.😎





Have a lovely day happy birthday x


What a lovely positive post. A happy birthday to you Lesley. I am ET just diagnosed last year but i'm through the anxious time post diagnosis now. It's great to hear from people enjoying life. Reading this sort of post and similar ones from all MPM folks on this site makes you realise that life goes on and is for living. Putting your worries aside and living every day in the moment is a good way to appreciate the life you have. I am just sitting here on my day off from work with a cup of coffee looking out at lovely blue skies and birds in the garden, feeling content, enjoying the simple things and all warm and fuzzy..... no idea why!

Thanks for the positive post :-)


Happy birthday so pleased you are having such a lovely day and more to come.  Enjoy yourself and keep up the positivity!  Love and blessings.


Happy Birthday Leslie,  Like you, I was dx in my early forties with MDS but later confirmed as PMF.  We all have different journeys & events with these rare illnesses's.      At this point,  I'm still somewhat healthy but suffer from fatigue which I have learned to deal with over the years.   This will be my 26 year with PMF (calr+) and I relish every day and of course every birthday. The years went quickly, but I only remember the one day at a time. Good luck to you!



Happy Birthday Lesley 🌺💐🍀🌸

I'm so happy to read such a Possitive post 

It's great for our fellow MPN buddy's to know there's also a healthy side to our condition, 

I'm also lucky to be in a healthy place just now & long may it last :) 

Hope you have a wonderful Birthdsy with your family X

 Love Pam X 


Happy birthday Lesley


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