Nails splitting due to ET

Hi all. I've not posted for some time as my ET is stable at the moment, thank goodness. My feet are still burning at times, very tender, my heals constantly peeling dry skin even though I constantly put cream on them, cramp in my feet at bedtimes but the problem now is my fingernails are splitting very badly. They have become very dry, ridged and constantly splitting. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I'm taking Hydroxycarbonmide and Asprin daily. Marigold

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  • Hi I have the same problem but just thought it was an age thing. I have ridges in mine as big as the grand canyon 😉 I put Ridge filler on before polish and use Leighton denNy strengthening cream.

    Give it a go.

    Best wishes lainy 😚

  • Thank you Lainy1 for that. I will get some as in despair of my nails..

  • Hi Marigold, I have ET and on Hydroxycarbamide and Asprin for four years now, when I first started my nails were dreadful, so bad that I had gels done, but that made them worse, so I did some research and found Dr Lewinn's Renunail, it is a treatment that for me really works you can get from All Beauty, you need to by the pack of three which is two treatments and an oil and just follow the instructions, it is amazing stuff I now have lovely nails that I am proud to show off with bright nail varnish plus I now have a manicure every couple of months but still using the treatment as a base coat.

    You can also by a single items in Boots the Chemist but works out very expensive. Well worth a go.


  • Thank you for that. I will be trying all suggestions as in despair for my nails. I too am on my 4th year taking Hydroxycarbonmide and Asprin but to start with I did not get any problems but the last 2 years they have been going down hill. Marigold

  • I am like you Marigold used to have lovely long nails but since on HU (ten years) they are not good and I can't grow them long they break and break - although it does vary one year is better than another and I don't keep nail varnish on long or use too often as that dries them right out. I have noted Jeans recommendation too! As not found anything that makes a difference - the nails on my feet are the worst really bad and not nice when it gets warmer and you wear pretty shoes etc!

  • Thank you for letting me know.. bright red toe nails in the summer!!! Ever since I had Gels on for a special event has really wrecked my nails. All I can do is keep them filled very short and use OPI to try and strengthen them but no use. Marigold

  • I have the same problem. I thought it was the warfarin but it seems it's the HU. Glad you posted!


  • Glad I'm not alone with this problem.


  • Hi Marigold, i have bad splitting / breaking nails which has worsened , i use hand and nail cream ,but im told when washing up to use rubber gloves at the moment i do not have the burning feet issue but i know its a common symptom hope our friends on here can help you best wishes Holly

  • Thank you. I use hand cream and nail cream/ oils as well but they still look like a battlefield zone!!!


  • I thought it was my b12 deficiency that caused this but it hasn't cleared so guessing based on your note it's my pv. I'm only aspirin but nails very ridged and very brittle which they never used to be. Xx

  • I take extra B vitamins be to help but my nails are still so bad. Even my hands are still very dry as well as my feet. I am going to try some of the solutions that I have been told. Here's hoping and watch this space in a couple of months...


  • Cheap fix is to rub a little olive oil into your nails on a daily basis - bizarrely they're dehydrated whilst somehow my water retention is through the roof!

  • Thanks for that. I drink minimum 2 Litres, probably 3 a day and that I think is the problem yet my water retention like yours is through the roof. I have take Furosemide for that as well. I seem to rattle with pills.!!! Will try the olive oil. My nails are going to be so well nourished soon, I will be showing off my nails in a few months.


  • I find using an intensive hand cream also works wonders for my nails. Take the time and rub the nail bed and cuticle area with the cream as, after all, this is where your nails begin. Never, ever do the washing up without gloves as the washing up liquid strips the nails of oil. Hope this helps and you will give it a go. Good luck Hun xx

  • Thanks for that. I do tend to wash up without gloves whenever I actually do the washing up. My husband is a very good dishwasher!!! I do use extra strong hand cream am and pm but I should take some to work as use throughout the day.


  • My nails have never been great even before PV diagnosis in Dec 2015. I use OPI Nail Envy and the cuticle oil. In Jan I had gel nails on a whim and the removal really weakened my nails. However, before I went on hols in Feb I started taking Silica which I had seen on here was okay to take with hydroxy. I can see a real improvement. I continue with the OPI products too and am really pleased with the results.

  • Thank you for that. I have used OPI envy for the last 2 years and the OPI cuticle oil but to no avail. Like your nail when I did have Gels put on, it was when removed that the severe problems started. I will get some Silica and see what happens.


  • I also overdose on hand cream and leave some in strategic places so that I remember to use. There are tubes or bottles by each sink, by my bed, in my handbag, in the car and even in the basket of my bike. I find the Aveeno good as an everyday cream (often cheaper on the internet or shops like Home Bargains) and Burts Bees at night time.

  • Thank you for replying. I have not tried Burts Bees hand cream. Avens has done nothing unfortunately. I do use Vaseline intensive hand cream am and pm. But could do with using more often really but difficult at work.


  • Hi Diam ! Sorry about your condition. I have the same trouble with heels, feet and nails (and bad skin generally) .

    SILICA tablets helps --but they are expensive. I found out (long ago--I fixed horses' split hooves with pure gelatine, that gelatine is even better than silica !! Either dissolved plates or powder. Exactly like you do when making jelly. It has to be gelatine from animals, cause it contains some important trace elements a.o.. It is not the trace elements which does the main job, though, it is the " delayed reaction" caused by the jelly. It makes your body improve its ability to utilise substances/vitamins/minerals.

    You can also (as a n exrea treat) "paint" your nails with hot dissolved gelatine with a small brush in the evenings-- it works miles better than the stuff you buy at drugstores and such.

    If you use gelatine plates it is normal to use 1 dl of water to 1 sheet/plate. There use to be a description on the packets !!

    Have a nice weekend. Yarrowleaf

  • Thank you so much for that. I need alll the help I can get with them. I've taken to using pure Olive oil on my feet with Zenspa intensive cream. That is working well so far so I will get some gelatine for my nails. I will let everyone know the results.

    Thanks again


  • Good luck Diam :)

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