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ginger garlic and aspirin

Hello, I had a scare about 2 weeks ago and thought I was having a heart attack. But the hospital said was a Panic attack. My family doctor told me to take 80 mg of aspirin daily just in case.

I also "juice" daily and use fresh garlic and ginger as well and cook with both daily.

Will take bother me taking the aspirin to or should I stop the aspirin all together since I am already taking the ginger and garlic?



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You don't say which MPN you have? You should consult with your heamatologist before stopping aspirin.

Best regards



Hi, I would say definitely don't stop taking the aspirin without your consultant's permission. Good luck and I hope things improve for you soon, best wishes, Frances.


I have been told that it is essential to take Aspirin 75mg. I would suggest you ask your consultant before stopping it .


Hi Ruth, what MPN do you have? You should never stop taking medication you have been prescribed until you speak to the doctor. Maz


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