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Aspirin or ??

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A few weeks ago my haematologist arranged an endoscopy and colonoscopy to see if they could find a bleed as I have been anaemic for some time. (such fun!) Anyway nothing too untoward was found, but afterwards I was told to contact my GP as I had a few erosions in my stomach. The haematologist said he didn't know why I was aneamic as I wasn't bleeding from anywhere! But they'd monitor me. Anyway after waiting weeks for an appointment I saw my GP today, he said it was probably aspirin causing the erosions and to stop taking it, I said it was haematology who prescribed it (although I buy it myself) to stop the platelets being so sticky - his answer - don't know then, ask them. I go back to see haematology in 4 weeks. Does anyone else have this problem and if so what do they take? I already take Lanzosparole, and I always take the aspirin on a full stomach.

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Hi lizziep i went through the whole thing you went i told the consultant that i could not take aspirin as it gave me constipation he prescribed me another drug called dypridamole which i have had no bother at all so it is worth a mention also i got iron infusions instead off iron tablets if i am ever anemic

best wishes




I was put on dypridomole for over two years after having a stroke. It’s rare to keep you on it longer than two years. Anyway by accident ( I forgot to take it away with me whilst on a short break I found out it was causing muscle pain which eventually resulted in planta fachititis ( not sure of spelling) it’s a debilitating foot problem. It took 6 months to get rid of in one foot. S soon as I stopped taking it symptoms in the less affected foot disappeared over night.

Are you taking gastro-enteric coated aspirin? I changed to this after experiencing stomach pain after taking dispersible aspirin.Sallie

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lizzziep in reply to Mwalimu

I've been on dispersible one, but the GP said it doesn't make any difference which one!

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mhos61 in reply to lizzziep

Hi Lizzie,

I know some people on the forum have changed from aspirin to clopidogrel, and have said it’s kinder on the stomach.

Mary x

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lizzziep in reply to mhos61

Thank you for taking the time to reply x

Hi Lizzie,

As Mary said, I was switched from enteric aspirin to Clopidogrel after I had a TIA. Apparently it is more effective at reducing platelets / blood stickiness and does less damage. I haven't noticed any downside or side effects, so it might be worth looking into


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lizzziep in reply to Ovingite

Thanks, I'll try and get in touch with the specialist nurse, although I think I'll have to see the consultant.


Hi lizzie,after i had a stroke in 2015,the stroke consultant took me off aspirin and put me on clopidogrel instead saying it offered better protection against bleeds & clots and my haemotologist agreed. I would certainly discuss this with you haemo. Atb,tina🤗 P.S.Good luck on your gall-bladder surgery next week.

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lizzziep in reply to Tico

Thank you. By the way I'm not having gall bladder surgery next week- unless you know something I don't!! 😱


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Tico in reply to lizzziep

Ha,ha, lizzie. Sorry the message was meant for lizk1993,who is due to have surgery on the 10th december.Don't worry i didn't forsee anything in my crystal ball just the wrong liz. I'm sure you can now keep that date on your calender free!!!.. atb, tina.🤗

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lizzziep in reply to Tico

You're not far wrong I do have gall stones!!


Good morning, lizzziep !!

I'm sorry for you !! Asperin has always been a troublesome "partner". Most of us know that it also causes Tinnitus-- but the doctors say it doesn't. Not in small doses ( but even small doses grow big when you have to take them every day).

Caffeine is as blood thinning as Asperin and not as hard on the stomach -- and taken with whole milk in it (whole milk contains a chemical which limits the fibrine constructing of blood clots) you could do with lower Asperin doses. But presenting this to your GP could end up being worse than hand-feeding the lion in your zoo :p

I wonder ::: Why can't they "cover" Asperin so it doen't work until in the large intestine ?? Like they do with so much else ?????

My own stomach feels like a worn out basket !!! Goodawful old Asperin !!!!

Really hope you find a soothing solution --- also for your anaemia !!

Best wishes !!!

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lizzziep in reply to yarrowleaf

Thank you


Hey Lizzie... :-0)

Hope you get all of this sorted...

Me, and aspirin? I learned the hard way that Uncoated aspirin was causing my bleeds and after switching to Enteric-coated... no such dilemmas exist any longer... (?)

IHowever, Cloidogrel, is receiving some excellent reports above, and I might have to look into that myself...

Best wishes



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lizzziep in reply to socrates_8

Thanks 😄👍


Hi Lizzie,

I had a major stomach bleed about 6 years ago. Ended up in hospital for 6 days with all the tests you have had. My heam changed me to clopidogrel as it’s kinder on the stomach and I’ve had no problems since. I also take Lansoprazole and take both along with Hydroxy after my evening meal.

Nurses at my hospital call clopidogrel ‘posh ‘ aspirin.

Not helpful for your GP to say stop taking it without offering an alternative. Speak to your heam when you next go.

Best wishes


My GP is never helpful! 😳 Thank you. I don't know why the haem didn't change it after the results!

I'm about to have to have this conversation with my haemo this morning!

Had a Gastroscopy a few weeks ago and showed some "erosion" in the stomach lining. I've been on hydrea & daily aspirin for the 14 years I've had ET.

I feel it's time for an alternative to aspirin, i'll report back after my appointment.


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lizzziep in reply to PeterET

Hope all goes well, I'd be interested in what they say. I've been on aspirin for years, then hydroxy and now Anagrelide. It's a wonder we don't all glow in the dark!


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PeterET in reply to lizzziep

Well I saw my haemo this morning. She was a bit non-committal about changing from Aspirin. She suggested I discuss it with the Gastroenterologist after my next gastroscopy this week. She's leaving the decision to him ! I'll probably push for Clopidogrel or similar.


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lizzziep in reply to PeterET

Hope you can get it sorted.


Hi Lizziep , I'm on coated aspirin 16 years, never have problem,but same time I'm drink aspro aspirin and I'm have stomachache .

I ditched Aspirin two years ago as it was giving me stomach problems. I now take Pycnogenol 100mg daily capsule. Haven't had stomach problems since.

Clopidogrel is an alternative to aspirin. Can’t believe this hasn’t been suggested. As for anemia isn’t that a side affect of hydroxi. I’m suffering from that.

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