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Missed our Lab Test Results Webinar? Watch The Replay Here!

Missed our Lab Test Results Webinar? Watch The Replay Here!

Hi all,

Patient Power held a webinar last week about lab test results and if you weren't able to watch it live or want to watch it again, the replay is now available. See below for the description and link. Please note, you'll be asked to join the Patient Power community to watch. It's simple to do so by entering your email or connecting with your Facebook account. If you have any questions or need help, I'm happy to assist.

Understanding your complete blood count (CBC) results and staying up-to-date on new testing methods could help provide more information about your cancer and impact your treatment decisions. Watch the replay of our virtual webinar, as Patient Power founder Andrew Schorr leads a panel of experts, including Dr. William Wierda, Dr. Susan Leclair and Lynn Ingram, in a discussion on the meanings of lab test results in easy-to-understand terms.


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Unfortunately I only managed to watch this video yesterday - very good, thanks.

Just a question though, towards the end of the video it was advised that a 'normal' intake of water was recommend before the blood test.

This surprises me since in all of my numerous 'start' of the day and consultancy preparation check up blood tests it has always been requested 'no food or drink for 12hrs' before the blood test.

(I have had a lot of tests ~400, in the last couple of years MF/MDS-U >>>SCT then checkups).

Any thoughts




Thanks for the feedback Crapaud, and I'm glad you enjoyed the video. I'll check with our producers to see if we can get any clarification from the doctors on that. Thanks! -Theresa


Hi Crapaud, We talked to Dr. LeClair and she said, "You must adhere to the directions for tests that require specific food or liquid volumes. The issue has been that patients have over hydrated themselves the day or two before blood specimen collection (to make their blood vessels more prominent) believing it makes the collection easier. It doesn't really but much more importantly, it "dilutes" the concentration of all compounds measured by volume. " but we also recommend consulting with your own doctor for advice specific to you. Hope this helps! -Theresa


Thanks for taking the time to reply.

On a completely different subject, do you have anything planned in the near future to discuss GvHD?

Having had a SCT 18 months ago, and from time to time getting chronic GvHD it's a subject that would interest me.

Many thanks

Best regards


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Thanks Gary, I'm not sure but I will check with the producers and recommend they cover this topic in the future if it's not on their list already. Best, Theresa


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