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Hydrea take2

Hi I don't think it is possible to attach documents on this site so suggest you goggle where I got this document from e.g. BC Cancer Agency Drug Manual it was developed in sept 1994 revised 1 October 2013 when I came across it. "Hydroxyurea_monograph_1Oct2013. Great document there is a column for the Organ in the body e.g. skin, metabolism etc... then a column for the possible side effects from the drug. Hope anyone who is interested can access it!!!

All the best Monique

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Thank you for this information Monique.

I attach the link below for anyone who may like to access it but would caution that I found it highly technical and a little scary to read. However, I agree it gives comprehensive information for someone who may wish to expand on their understanding of what this drug means to those of us in the MPN family.



(copy and paste this link into your webbrowser/google search panel)


Hi thank you attaching this! Yes u are right it is more for the doctors to see. As i have been in hospital a number of times with doctors who have never come accross our MPNs this document may help them in treating us. Hopefully!!


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