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Hydrea on wrong day. . .


Hi all,

I am prescribed hydroxyurea (500mg) on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Last night (Tuesday) I was at the cinema and was very tired when I returned. As a consequence, I mistakenly took the pills from my 'Wednesday' medicine-organiser, so took my hydrea. I dont intend to take it tonight but will again, as usual on Friday.

Anyone out there ever done that? I doubt its necessary to take any action, but just posting it out there. . .


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Maz maybe able to help or angela the specialist nurse from notts hun x

Hi I take eight 500 mg HU tablets each week. The consultant has said to me as my tablets have been either increased or decreased over the years that it is up to me when I take the extra tablet. In my case I take the extra tablet on Sunday. I think as long as you are taking your three 500 mg tablets per week - it honestly doesn't matter which days you have taken them. As long as you don't exceed the dose per week. I have been taking HU for over 10 years. I'm sure I make the occasional mistake, with no ill effect. Don't worry just keep taking the tablets :-).

Hi Karol.

You are right, just leave out wed dose and take as usual on friday. You are not taking extra and it wont change the effectiveness of the hydroxycabamide.



I take 1500mg a day 3 x tabs and 2000 on a Sunday 4 x tabs. I often forget about the extra one so just take it the following day or another day.x

Thanks everyone - was a little anxious about my 'overdose'. Just to be certain I phoned my haematology liaison nurse and her advice was as yours. . . skip Wednesday and back to normal on Friday. So all well (except that I was like a zombie at work yesterday with tirdeness - Wednesdays are busier than other days as I have orchestra rehearsal for 2 hours after work zzzzzz)

Thanks all!! x


Hi Karol,

Don't worry we've all done it!

I'm completely batty half the time - I think someone sneaked in and gave me a lobotomy at some point - I take two Hydroxicarbamide 5 days a week and one X 2 days a week.

I sometimes forget to take mine at all. I just take an extra one on the days when I only take one.

Doesn't seem to make any difference.....



I am prescribed 2x500 Mon Wed Fri Sat and 3x 500 on the other days. Quite often I get forgetful and end up taking 3x500 on 2 consecutive days in order to 'catch up'. I get the impression that, whilst hydrea is when all's said and done a cytotoxin (chemo), the dosage is not a very exact science and getting it slightly wrong on the odd day is not going to have any real consequences. Some people are on considerably higher doses than I am taking.

What is quite interesting is that my first haematologist prescribed a lot less Hydrea (half what I'm now taking) and so I had more regular venesections whereas my current Haem has upped my Hydrea and I actually cannot remember the last time I had a venesection; atleast 2 years ago. Which form of treatment is the best long term I wonder...?

MichaelS in reply to Dodders

I was on Hydroxyurea, later named Hydroxycarbamide from 1983 to 2013, in various doses regulated by the haematologist according to the blood condition / levels. Hydroxy' caused redness of the face and mouth ulcers for me, but this doesn't apply to everyone who takes it. I had venesection when necessary, but having to give blood regularly upsets the iron levels and (I think) cell sizes. I am not sure which is best for you. Each person is different!

I hope this helps and you are right about missing one dose occasionally or taking too many at a time is not going to upset the system.

Best wishes


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