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Hey everyone, I've started finally my blog. The reasons behind this were that lots of people don't understand my illness and I am always meeting new people and rather than explain they can read my "where it all began" blog. I get tired and bored of telling people over and over again the same thing, plus it gives it energy and I want to save that energy for positive energy for myself! Also when I do depart this world (not any time soon I may add - more likely to get hit by a car these days - that's another story for another day blog) then people will have some understanding of my life. I am not one to throw pity parties and I don't like to talk negatively or moan too much on social media. You will see on my site at the moment I have just covered the past and PV for now. I have linked to the wonderful MPN Voice and I have linked to this site too! Which is amazing that we can all share our frustrations, our highs and our lows and support and help each other. So thank you for being part of this community. Love & Light, Louise xxx

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Well done you Louise, an interesting blog, I have always found that getting things out of my head onto paper helps me deal with things a bit better. Your blog will help others on their MPN journey.

Regards Sandy x

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Thank you Sandy! It is definitely very cathartic, and I often write notes, record voice notes and keep a gratitude book but this way others can read something, and I hope it may inspire someone. xxx


Hi Louise, brilliant blog, and thank you for linking to MPN Voice website. Maz x x

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Welcome I couldn't not mention the amazing work you guys do :) xxx


Hey Louise... :)

Just had a look at your blog... Very well done!

I have wanted to do something similar, since my diagnosis. I even bought a Domain name and started creating page content, but that was as far as I have managed thus far.

I thought that rather than just have a blog, that I would create a Forum for Oz, like MPN Voice is to the UK...

In any event, I thought your web pages had a rather nice style and feel to them...

Best wishes



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Thank you Steve, yes do it! We need more people like you. Thank you it's just a free site for now but I may buy the domain if I feel the urge soon! Juggling two other websites already so might be more than I can handle for now!

Keep us posted on your site :)


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