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Iron Pills Allergy


Hi all,

My doctor says that I am not creating any iron in my bone marrow, and I am allergic to the iron prescription meds that the doctors give. Does anyone experience this as well? If so what can I do about it, I was told that there is nothing I could do.

Also, through my CBC I am not anemic, so how is that possible if I am not creating Iron in the bone marrow at all?

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I would ask for clarification.

Also, ask about getting iron through an IV. I was told you only need an iron IV twice in your lifetime. Your body will store the iron and recycle the iron. I do not completely understand this whole hemoglobin/ ferritin level. Keep asking for clarification and get a second opinion.

I agree that you do need the Dr to explain this better. Anaemia is complicated.

I was put on iron tabs when I was pregnant. Although I'm not allergic they are well known for the awful side effects. & they are not absorbed easily by the body anyway.

I tried spatone- it's a liquid that u mix with orange juice ( vitamin c helps with absorption) I got it from boots but lots of places sell it. The midwife said it was rubbish. My hb improved & I felt loads better and no side effects, I would def recommend it.


Superwoman in reply to Nickyanne

My daughter took spatone through her pregnancy worked wonders for her, they were so pleased with her that she stoped using and had no problems after the birth, it seems it is asobed into the body far more easily with none of the nasty side effects of the tablet form which did not work for her.

Iron is complex and of course certain amounts are derived from diet etc. Your consultant can check ferritin levels in your FBC that will help to see how things are but if they are normal all well and good!! One product that is excellent however for iron levels is Spatone - one of my consultants put me on that some years back as like you tablet iron in the "usual" sense has always made me very sick just a really bad tum and sickness. Spatone is a natural product little sachets of water from the Welsh mountains where the rocks are iron rich - the density of iron is high and is well tolerated on the tum. Just buy it Iin Boots or any chemist and lots of supermarkets. Remember to take along with an orange or satsuma as Vit C helps absorption of iron in the body.

All the best and don't worry you will gradually pick up all the tips of how best to deal with your MPN?

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