Hi my MPN friends,

Has anyone read an article in the Daily Mail today regarding, Asprin heart attack danger.

I know it talks about doubling the risk for patients with Artial Fibrillation, bit of a worry as like many of you I have been on it for years, it goes on to say the problem has arisen because for almost s decade GPs and heart specialists were encourage to prescribe Asprin it was thought the drug helped to thin blood and prevent the deadly clots that cause strokes, and the usual problems it can cause like bleeding in the stomach and in rare cases bleeds in the brain which lead to strokes. Studies have also shown Asprin is far less effective than other less risky blood-thinning drugs.

Always find that when something like this appears on the news or in papers it makes you have doubts about taking, so maybe Maz, could this be a risk to any of us wondering if you would be able to find out. Mine is enteric coated, as I have had an ulcer some years ago, not seeing my haematologist until May would be much appreciated, or if anyone else has any idea on this article would love to hear.


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  • Snap - great minds thinking alike at about the same time :)

  • I know, think I might need to stop reading these articles, as I say these papers love to scare monger and don't stop and think that there are other people that need to take Asprin, once it used to be Statins, the pill, but now they advocate both one to protect against heart attacks, and the pill now protects you against certain cancers, not the fact that they can cause DVT and cervical cancer, could never take either 🤔 Makes you wonder what will be next.


  • I will check this out for everyone. Maz

  • I have asked Prof Harrison at Guy's Hospital about the information in the article in the Daily Mail regarding aspirin, this is her reply:

    Does not apply to MPN patients as they have more sticky blood.

    So I hope this clarifies the information for you all. Maz

  • Thanks for that Maz, thought it odd as I have been on Asprin for many years and the only problem I had was as I said an ulcer which after treatment was alright, now take enteric coated, so when the Hydroxy was introduced though no more about it.

    So many thanks.

    Jean x

  • Hi Maz, hope you are doing well.

    This is a good news for us MPNs.

    I would like to ask Prof Harrison about alternative natural aspirin such as Turmeric and Willow bark. This may be better for us and less side effects and these have some other benefits such as anti-inflammatory properties. I truly would like to swap to one of these but I am not sure hoe much I should take to replace Aspirin.

    Wish you well and have a good day.

  • sounds like the Daily Heil , try the Guardian

  • Hi Jean, I too read the article in the Daily Mail and am now worried about the asprin I take, whilst it is only 75mg I have been on this now for two years. My hospital appointment is not until the end of April and am concerned about taking it. The Daily Mail likes to scare the pants of us now and again but research has been done which appears to support the evidence.


  • Hi Karen, been on Enteric Asprin for many years even before the Hydroxy was introduced, and apart from an ulcer all has been fine.

    Noted in the paper today that they now say a glass of wine a day is now good for the heart, wonder when they will change that goal post again, I think everything in moderation is OK.

    jean x

  • Hi Karen

    please see above from Prof Harrison. Maz

  • Thank you Maz, I am relatively new to this forum although I have had my PV for 2 years, I find it very informative and a great comfort to know there are others out there with the same thing. Thanks for what you do.

  • Remember newspapers like to sensationalize most things - and it will say something opposite the next week - nature of the beast as it were and not always good source of information in that regard. Take Prof Harrison's comments as the wisdom from someone well versed and experienced in our MPNs and hence assurance from the right place. All the best

  • So true.

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