Does anyone know whether having ginger is ok when taking asprin?

I've bought a strong ginger cordial today and after having three tumblers of it as a diluted cordial drink looked on the web and there's evidence of blood thinning.

Has anyone encountered this? Or asked their haematologist about taking ginger with asprin.

I love ginger and I have always used it for my Raynaud's.


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  • Hi Liz.

    Good question! I'm afraid I don't have an answer for you, but I'd like to add something to your question. I used to take garlic capsules (also a thinner) but stopped when I began taking aspirin.

    By taking these natural blood thinners, are we in danger of making our blood TOO thin? Could this cause more complication should we get any internal bleeding, for example?


  • Absolutely. You should discuss this urgently with your haem but I'm pretty sure they would advise not to drink the ginger cordial while taking Aspirin particularly if it's strong. I think the same would apply to taking Garlic capsules MistyBlue. I don't think it's so much of an issue if you eat the odd meal with garlic or ginger in, only if it's in high doses.

  • Hi Lizl, I have passed your question to Prof Harrison for some advice from her, as soon as I have a reply I will post it on here for you and everyone else. Kind regards. Maz.

  • Agreed - a very good question. I tend to drink a fair quantity of ginger & lemon tea to combat nausea so will be interesting to see the outcome here ;-)

  • I was diagnosed with ET on November 2011 and at first I was on 150mg of aspirin for about 10 months, then on 75mg per day ever since and on Hydroxicarbomide on various dosages. March 2012 I have experienced very bad pain all over my body, especially my joint and extreme fatigue. Painkillers did not work any longer so went and done some research and found out that ginger is very strong painkiller and have any-flamatory properties. I started taking fresh ginger as a tea and eating that ginger ever since and I am doing well. I have checked with all my doctors, GP, Heam and all of them said that I am okay. I am doing so well with my platelets and much less fatigue, and pain and don't use any other painkillers but if I need I may have two ginger teas per day. I hope that this helps you, but I would opt with fresh ginger tea. Its rather nice to drink.

  • Thank you everyone for your very interesting replies. The cordial is made from root ginger and as many of you have said it is wise to stop, which is what I did once I had my concerns.

    It's an interesting reply from 'light' as I'm suffering from many symptoms, as I've mentioned, but I seemed to feel much better when I did take it - although only the one day and this could be a fluke. I certainly do not want to risk a bleed.

    Mazcd - I will be extremely interested in Prof. Harrison's reply - thank you for doing that - hopefully it will ease a lot of people's minds.

    I'm so glad to have this forum, it's great, good luck to everyone.

  • Hi Liz, answer from Prof Harrison is that - I think in moderation it's fine. However no-one has specifically examined this in MPD.

    Hope this helps, Maz.

  • Thanks Maz, I think I'll use it sparingly to be on the safe side. There are so many food items that may have a baring on the viscosity of the blood but moderate sounds good.

  • Hi Liz Interesting discussions on this thread and response from The Prof! I have had ET since '96 and am feeling really well. Am on hydroxycarbamide and asprin. I eat and drink fresh root ginger, use loads of fresh ginger, garlic and chili in cooking.And that's every day really! I even have chili jam on toast!! Also have a 'shot' of Rochester Ginger with 'a kick like a mule', warming in this weather! Chili gives me a real feel good factor (Capsaicin is an effective topical analgesic) as does the ginger. Agree, this is a great forum! All the best Maggie

  • Interesting that the medical profession advise us to take blood thinning medication and stay away from blood thinning foods. Wouldnt anyone out there prefer to take blood thinning foods instead of medication? How could we monitor our blood if we did?

  • Medicine Man (regular M.D.s) will always opt for medication over ANY thing natural.

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