Morning my friends , just interested to know , what time of day do you all take your asprin? up till now i take it after my evening meal ! Reason being i had thoughts it could protect my stomach more , being that in theory stomach lined more with food than say after breakfast ( that is ihas i only have cereal ) but my tum been getting more irritated in bed of an evening , so im now going to try lunchtime ! was just curious on when others take it besst wishes Hollly x

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  • Hi Holly,

    I generally take my Aspirin like you in evening after food but I think important thing is to take it after food. Though not sure where I got that from. Not sure what type of Aspirin you are taking but some people find it helpful to take a coated form of Aspirin, usually called gastro resistant as they say it is easier on the tum.

    GP's generally prescribe just normal / dispersible form as it is the cheapest. You could try that as well as changing time you take it. I have not experienced irritation or discomfort from the aspirin (though difficult to say as my tum often bit irritated anyway) but as I also have stomach condition / barrett's I have just started trying the gastro resistant as keen to do anything to keep tum healthy as possible.

    There are also alternatives, others on site take Clopidrel (may have spelt that wrong) as Aspirin did not agree with them. So could discuss that with GP if Aspirin really becomes a problem. I don't know much about it but I am sure others on site will. Take care Liz C xx

  • Hi Liz yes i remember you knidly gave me this advise im seeing Gp wed so intend speaking to her, im on soluble one ,but the chemist said to me either types of asprin can affect stomach and not myuch difference , so was interested to know best time thats why like you Liz i take evening best wishes Holly x

  • Hi catwoman2015,

    I take Clopidogrel instead of aspirin as I had a stomach bleed a few years ago. I used to take mine after breakfast but then the lovely Louise posted that most heart attacks happen in the early hours of the morning and best to take it at night, so I changed. I do also take Lansoprazole for hiatus hernia and take this at the same time which also helps with the tum!


  • Hi, on the recommendation of my haematologist I take my aspirin (dispersible) in a morning, after breakfast. I take my hydroxycarbamide at night.

    I also take lansporazole first thing in the morning before food for my awful stomach acid, which the doctor says is a reaction to the various medications I take! (I also take tablets for my over active bladder and paracetamol for arthritis pain)

    Before I started on the HU I took the aspirin after my evening meal.

    Nowadays people can hear me coming as I tend to rattle because I take so many tablets!

    Best Wishes

  • What do you take for your arthritis? Sorry for butting in'

  • Thanks Judy , yes i heard that also benefits in the evening , my brother had a stomach bleed also and was put on clopidogrel im on 2 aday of Lansoprazole morn and eve so thats a plus for protection im hoping best wishes Holly

  • Aww Liz i know how you feel , me too am in pain now have been for 3 weeks with my lower back and i take co codomol which im not keen on so last night i took paracetmols help me sleep too ,Arthuritis a pain eh had it for 25 years now and got worse with age hope yor pain eases for you at times take care x

  • I take it in the evening with a meal, but I don't take it as often as prescribed after a big operation. I've tapered off to 3 times a week, which seems to work for me.

    And BTW, I do consider PV to be a cancer, as it is described in appropriate places.


  • I take 324 mg in the morning. I've been eating a larger bfast to be safe

  • I was also told to take the chewable and not the coated because chewable is more accessable for some reason....

  • Hi cdseiter, are you talking about Asprin ? only i didnt know you could get chewable ones ! gosh i must say you are on high dosage of it . No wonder you need a large breakfast haha any excuse . regards Holly

  • Yes- aspirin. They have me taking 4 of the 81 mg chewable baby aspirin every day. I am only 48 but I had 2 strokes in March. The neurologists at weill cornell in NY said that there is a preventative aspect to taking such a high dose. I guess I am lucky that I have always had a stomach like an iron pot. They were very specific to tell me to take chewable vs. the coated kind. They said that for some reason, the chewable is more "bio-available".

  • Thank you sdseiter. and so sorry to hear of your past strokes , well i now realise why your on such high dosage , im not even sure if we still do baby asprin over here in uk . 😙

  • Hi Holly

    I take mine in the morning dissolved in lots of water then I have breakfast then the HU .

    Basically I just want it all over and done with .

    Helen x

  • In the morning with food. Don't like the idea of reflux if I take it before bed or later in the evenings.

  • Advised by both cardiologist and haemo to take Lansoprazole first, eat breakfast about half and hour later, then take the dispersible aspirin.

  • I take 75mg coated Aspirin in the morning after breakfast and take HU and Lansaprozole in the evening, I also take Pyridoxine (Vit B6) morning and evening. I was on Lansoprazole before being diagnosed - the dispersible Aspirin upsets my stomach.


  • I take 75mg aspirin in the morning after breakfast no stomach problems so far. saw my cardiologist last Tuesday and asked about enteric coated aspirin and he informed me that I would not get the full 75mg dose from it I would be interested to hear your G.P views on this this.

  • Hello Catwoman,

    I've been taking aspirin for many years and have tried it at all times and found I must take it with food in my stomach, like you do. A few years ago I read that the evening was the best time because more strokes happen in the morning and the thinking is that the aspirin is at its most protective at that time if taken in the evening. I don't take it with food, but within a couple of hours of eating. I too have tummy issues, even with enteric coated aspirin, but they are with me whatever time I take the aspirin.Have you spoken to your doctor about something that will protect your stomach? There are a couple of systemic products that might help.

    I was told that aspirin stays in your system for three days. Something else you might like to consult your doctor about. I sometimes skip a day if I'm bruising too easily. BUT we are all different so speak to your doctor about your tummy problems and the aspirin.

  • hello jskly, yes will let you know what my gp says also she told me Asprin. in system for 4 days which is good i have missed days sometimes but will have a goood talk with her i take Lanzoprosol twice day so do have peace of mind a bit with that regards Holly

  • I take asprin along with hydroxycarbamide before breakfast . I figure it all gets pushed along by yoghurt cereal and toast !

  • Hi Lucycourt , like your style ! or take in middle of eating , now theres a thought haha be sandwiched betwwen the yogurt n cereal n toast 😀

  • Hi I take coated aspirin about 30 minutes before bed - take hydroxide after breakfast

  • There has been some research done, can't remember who by but I recall reading about it during my nursing career. The research stated that for Aspirin is more effective if taken in the evening. Something about the number of people who have heat attacks in the middle of the night & early morning and the Aspirin having more efficiy at this high risk time.

  • I take my aspirin after dinner in the evening and I have just started taking omeprazole daily to help with stomach problems caused by the aspirin.

  • Ever since wossname poured vinegar on willow leaves new uses and warnings have cropped up concerning that white precipitate. Probably - 1) use enteric coated; and, 2) worrying less about when to take it is probably more important than actually when you take it.

  • Hi. I have the same problem taking asprin in the morning and I take it in the evening with my main meal. My GP has prescribed a low dose of Omeprazole which has helped a lot with the gastric irritation and discomfort.

  • I don't take aspirin. Whew. But if I did I would defo take it at bedtime, , with the old bones at rest the Platelets come out to play havoc in the early hours and the simple aspirin simply reduces their playtime therefore reducing the chances of a bloodclot which as we know could result in a stroke or worse. . . Who'd have thought the humble aspirin alongside everything else many of us wash down is a true Superdrug. . . Many good responses Holly x

  • Hi I take my aspirin after breakfast that when hospital gave it to me and always stuck with same time x

  • I take my asprin in the morning after cereal. Thought it might protect my stomache but I was wondering if anyone knows if it is okay to take Omega 3 Fish oil capsule 1000 mg also with asprin? I did notice I bleed a lot and bruise easily like blood spots on my skin which if nicked bleed profusely, so cut out the omega 3 for a few days no more spots. I really like to take the omega 3 as I do have ET and about to start HU very soon when I make up my mind, been holding off as I am newly diagnozed. Also my eyes are so dry and stuck down in the morning, plus I can no longer wear my contact lenses as I cannot remove them as they stick to my eyes now? Anyone else have this? Been using something called Hyabak for my eyes but would like something stronger as they always feel gritty due to the dryness.

  • I use systane eye drops for my dry sore eyes ! I dont know about omega 3 though could you check with Doctor , i also bruise alot had one appeared on my hand out the blue , i have ET n jak 2 + see my heam on 17 th to find out whether i can still hold of starting the HU all depends on latest blood test results i had done today , best wishes Holly

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