Herbal supplement - Melissa Dream

Hello everyone,

Does anyone have any information on the above supplement.

Since my diagnosis a year ago, I sleep very badly. Not more than four hours a night. Not sure if the cause is the disease or the medication.

I take hydroxycarbamide, aspirin, lisinopril, simvastatin and omerprezol as and when I need it.

My friend has brought the above supplements out to Gran Canaria for me and says that they really do work.

I am not sure about taking them with the cocktail of drugs that I have already.

Any information would be really helpful.

Thanks so much and God bless to all of you.



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  • I googled it on Amazon and its Lemon Balm , chamomile and L-Theanine (an amino acid which I do take.)

    In my opinion it's worth trying and I'd take it. The HU revs me up at night and I take Magnesium to simmer down. I sometimes still take Lorazepam to sleep.

    I also take Lisinopril 10 mg and zantec

    As needed as HU makes me very acidic.

    Hope this helps

    Let me know if Melissa Dream helps

  • Hi DH63,

    Thank you so much for taking the time to reply and googling Melissa Dream, it was very kind of you.

    I am just really nervous about taking any more tablets or supplements. Any more pills and I will rattle ha.

    If I do decide to give it a go, I will message you and let you know if it works.

    Thanks again and keep well,



  • Melissa Dreams is the only thing that works reliably when my sleep becomes chaotic . I'm on aspirin, hydroxy, & thyroxine & have checked they don't interact with my meds . They have proved to be a wonderful standby over the years . Hope they tip the balance for you too 🤞

  • Thank you so much Annie. I will start tonight and let you all know if they work.

    Oh I do hope so!

    My restless nights drive my husband mad and he needs his sleep as he is recovering from a massive cancer op himself.

    Thanks again,



  • I haven't slept well since 1990 & I've been on hydroxycarbamide since 1995 (+ I'm on other drugs); I've had all sorts of sleep 'tests' & a couple of meds etc which haven't helped. I bought Melissa Dream last year out of desperation (as it's a bit spendy) & I think it's fantastic! I do think you need to take it every night without fail, ie don't be stopping & starting. A few friends are taking it because of me & no-one has found it doesn't work; so, hopefully, it will for you too. Best wishes.

  • Hi Balenziaga,

    Thanks so much for replying. I am going to start tonight. My friend that brought them out for me, says that they are great.

    She said take one an hour before bedtime and keep them up.

    Praying that they work.

    Thanks again,



  • The packet usually says to take 2 which is what I take but, interestingly, I have been considering trying just one. I take them just as I go to bed but a friend takes them an hour before as she thinks they need an hour to 'kick in'. You do what suits you & good luck. Hugs back.

  • Thanks Balenciaga, I will try one to start with as I tend to get a lot of different symptoms which I am never sure is the medicine or the disease. If one doesn't work and I feel ok, then I will try two before giving up. You have been a real help.

    Thank you.



  • Hi, Melissa is lemon balm - I grow this herb and make tea from the leaves so it is safe to drink,but do not know anything about any additives which may be included. Best wishes.

  • Thanks for the reply Nirvana. Everyone has been so helpful. I am going to give it a try and I'll let everyone know if it works.

    Thanks again, I really appreciate it.



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