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Unlikely to try the real thing!

Unlikely to try the real thing!

Hi everyone,

Can heartily recommend paying a visit to an iFly centre - great fun!

I joined our local U3A last year and far from being a boring old farts club - as predicted - so far I've been gliding, ridden on a Segway - both brilliant - tried archery which I was useless at (didn't even hit the target board so won't be signing up for the Olympic archery team ) been luging tobogganing and doughnutting at the local chill factor, and had a go at pseudo parachuting. Thoroughly enjoyed that, but it certainly didn't inspire me to try the real thing. Oldest person there was 83!

Next on list is " heavy horse riding " on the beach at Silecroft - shire horses.

I can really heartily recommend joining a U3A group - gets you out, gets you active, and you meet really nice fun people.


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Whoa way to go Louise sounds like fun all the way. Reckon one of those Shires will look like a small dinosaur in comparison to little old me. Must admit not heard of U3A so will Google it soon to get the lowdown. No good to me at mo but maybe in time.

Fair play to you. Have to rename you Action Woman. 😃

Always good to hear from you Louise, Regards, , , Chris


Hi Chris!

How extremely lovely to hear from you!

How are you?



Still at the crease batting (and battling) away. Knocking single runs but hoping to hit a four or six soon if you get my drift. . . I'm over a virus I had before Christmas and eating better again. Slowly regaining my mobility. Could do with improvement in eye sight but that will only come if my Graft Versus Host Disease eases up. All in all could be worse Louise.

Had to laugh coz got an appt for mouth specialist at Manc Royal dental to 'check up there is no visible evidence of secondary mouth cancer' . . Apparently the treatments can trigger it in soft tissue areas so fair enough best to make sure.

Trust with all your activities you are keeping well x


Gawd. Poor you.

I had a biopsy on the roof of my mouth ( suspect patch but in actual fact I was fine) cor blimey, was it sore for a week! Still, better safe than sorry.

Let's hope no other soft tissue areas can be affected 😳

I think you''re amazing not to moan about your lot and just get on with it.

Yes all well here thanks.

Have got our elder daughter and husband staying at the mo with their 4 month old Cockapoo. He's adorable but quite a handful. Turns into a Tasmanian Devil for half an hour in the evening. 😬

I'm sure the light is glimmering at the end of the tunnel Chris, so just keep battling on.


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Hi Louise

I can second that, I did it a couple of years ago, it is good. Would love to do the real thing. Have been keeping an eye on the skydive for MPN charity but I have never been able to make it due to timnings but would love to do that.

All the best



Hi Louise. Well, I hardly dare reply to that. My hubbie and I have belonged to our local U3A for 3 years now, but go for the more SEDATE option! We belong to a music group, where we bring music that we like and sit, in comfort and listen to it. We love it, but talk about wimps!!

Well done you! All the best, Sandra.


No, not wimps at all! Whatever you fancy I say.

I signed up for all sorts of things from local history to cribbage but in the end haven't done anything because most start at 10am, which means leaving home at 9.30. I'm only just surfacing at 9! So you see I'm a lazy bones really.



Well done! You're braver than me. Although I have to say my arthritis holds me back from doing some things. If I ever get my knees sorted I may join you! 😳😂

Lizzie x


Hi Louise

I also belong to a U3A group and have just returned from my craft group which sounds sedate (as Sandra said ), mild and boring. I may have to move closer to a Chill Centre for more exciting activities.



Hi Sheila,

Noooooo! Not sedate or boring. The main point is to get out and have interests. x