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Morning All

Was just wondering as on Friday I am having a biopsy on a mole on my forehead, has anyone had this procedure done while having an MPN mine being ET, do not think it will be a problem as it is better to be safe than sorry but just a bit concerned about bleeding, I have been told that I will have a couple of stitches. Also they are going to burn off some wart type things, have to keep standards up don't we 😁

Jean x

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  • Jean, hi. I had a biopsy on a "mole" on my face on Friday and one removed from my back. I have PV and a secondary liver condition which causes me to need warfarin. They wanted my INR checked as close to the procedure as possible to check thickness of blood but if you don't take a blood thinner and they haven't mentioned a concern regarding excessive bleeding, I wouldn't worry... I had the stitch on my face removed yesterday.. it was totally fine.. my back is another story because of where it is but the stitches will come out next week. Procedure itself was fine, anaesthetic was a bit stingy and made me feel a wee bit shaky but no problem really.. just waiting for results.. good luck to you Jean.. you'll be fine xx

  • You spurred me to post about carcinoma,Good Luck to spite of my major surgery,all tests since are negative,Best Wishes.

  • Hi Jean I had a mole removed from my stomach in May without any problems. Good luck. Mel x

  • Good luck Jean, let us know what they said after removal xx

  • Many thanks folks for your comments, needs to be done as you never know, think most of mine is historic sun burn from when I was younger just love being outside even now although it is very cold the sun makes you feel so good. Now I take much more care when out in the sun, but still love being outside.

    Jean x

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