Anyone had a shingles vaccination?

It was suggested by several friends who suffer from occasional attacks that I should avail myself of the free shingles vaccinations currently being given by the nurse at my GP's rooms. Because it is a live vaccine I wasn't sure about having it. I have ET, jak2 neg, and am on interferon alpha injections, once per week. Maz or anyone heard advice for or against? Thanks for the info----neither my GP or my haem had heard anything adverse, but one is v young and the other v old so hence the inquiry.

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  • It's only my personal view ..don't we get enough poison and chemicals pumped into our bodies ? I don't get flu jabs .or phneumonia jabs ,but I stay well by eating healthy growing fresh recognisable food and drink .my regular intake of garlic and onions is like a natural internal antiseptic ,I was taught by my doctor friends in Russia ..they gave me beetroot soup ( which they swear by ) in the freezing winter ..think about it !! Twinkly xx💜

  • Its not recommended for people with blood cancers.

    There are signs up in our haematology department advising not to do so.

  • Hi, my consultant haematologist said definitely not to have any live vaccines and that includes shingles. He was very clear that people with MPNs should not have it. Flu jab ok though. Best wishes, Frances.

  • Do not have a live vaccine flu jab ok but NOT shingles jab.xx

  • Hi,

    Yes, I've had the jab. I've been plagued with herpes all my life -cold sores and herpes ulcers on the cornea, so I jumped at the chance to avoid shingles. My GP said that as long as I am not on chemotherapy of any kind, I would be fine. I think the problem comes if your immune system is suppressed as it can be by some of the drugs . I have PV which is well controlled by Aspirin and venesections at the moment, so I had the jab as soon as it was offered a few months ago. No problems with it and, for me, it feels so good to be protected.

    All the best


  • I really don't want to get shingles. Is there an alternative vaccination available?

  • You shouldn't have any injections of live virus was what my consultant told me. I did have shingles because I started taking Rux before the link was known. I now take aciclovir twice daily as a prophylactic against a repeat. Maz can probably give you the up to date view. Best of luck.

  • I have had the flu jab for several years now. Having had real influenza once in my life I never want to risk it again, especially not now I have MF. However, I was told very clearly not to have shingles as it is a live virus. I tend to follow instructions from my medical team to the letter as they are the ones fighting my corner.

  • I was told that flu jab okay but shingles

  • Hi, sorry for the delay in replying to this, the answer from the medical team is:

    no we generally don’t recommend as shingles is a live vaccine so not for any patients on treatment other than just aspirin, and any MF patients at all regardless of treatment.


  • My husband had the shingles vaccine 4 years ago , but wasn't dx with MPN,U till Aug of 2016. He is on Jakafi 20 MG x 2 aday. wonder if the shingles vac is still a problem. Any suggestions, tks, Libby

  • Hi Libby, in what way do you mean if it is still a problem? Maz

  • Kevin didn't have MPN,U 4 years ago when he got this shingles shot. If this is a live vaccine and now Kevin has cancer and is on Jakafi, is this shot he had previously going to still be live in him and cause any problems with his disease?

  • Hi Libby, it is unlikely. Maz

  • Thank you everyone for your input. I have decided not to go ahead with the vaccine. Will try to stay healthy and unstressed, tho' I may not go quite as far as Twinkly's suggestion of beetroot soup----maybe if I put onion, garlic and beetroot in a paste and had it on black rice crackers it would be tastier. Then there's kimchi----I find it ok in small amounts. Love and good health to you all.

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