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Hernia surgery with ET?

I'm considering surgery for a small hernia that gives me moderate pain. I've heard I'm not a candidate because of severe risk of post-surgery clots. I'm 70, ET, JAK2+, Factor V Leiden, Coronary Stent, venous reflux and neuropathy in legs, arthritic gout, many previous severe bouts of mesenteric ischemia before going on HU. Mazcd I'm thinking that stopping Warfarin, aspirin, HU, would help to control bleeding. How worried should I be about surgery causing clots down the road?

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Jerry, I'm obviously not Maz, but if you do not have the surgery I'd encourage you to wear a tight binder, don't get constipated and strain (sorry to be graphic but this also increases the size of your hernia as can not wearing a binder). I had a small incisional hernia that got huge and ultimately I had to have complex abdominal reconstruction surgery which involved muscle grafts and mesh. I didn't have your risk factors. Although I have a history of blood clots that's all I've had and I'm just ET JAK positive. So my risk level was much less. There maybe other things that would benefit you if you have to avoid surgery. Good Luck. I wish you nothing but the best. Katie


Great advice, Katie. Thank you so much!


Hi Jerry, I will ask the medical team for you. Maz


Hi Jerry

I don't have all the complex problems as you, but have the risk of clots, (PV) last year I had a total hysterectomy, the day after I started having blood thinning injections and when I was discharged from hospital the district nurses came for 25 days after, to give daily injections to stop clotting. I would have tried to do them myself but had them in the the rear of my upper arm as they didn't want to put them in my tummy. This was reassuring knowing I would be less of a risk with post surgery clots.

Hope all goes well what ever you decide. Best wishes Debbie

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Hi Jerry, I have asked Prof Harrison for some advice and she has said that this needs careful discussion with

your doctors and haematologist, it is not safe for her to give you any advice on this matter as she is not your doctor and does not have access to your full medical notes.

Best wishes, Maz


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