Rubbish day!

I feel so very tired, I'm struggling to stay awake.

I think I need to ask my boss if I can take a break

It's very cold so I walk fast and march right down the street,

what a relief to breathe the air and be upon my feet.

So now I'm back behind my desk and getting on with work

As I was raised to try my best and not to slack or shirk.

I want to work to prove my worth and forget that I am ill,

but there are days when I can't cope and I've just had my fill

of aching heads, distorted sight and fatigue, I can't describe,

I barely can remember how it felt to feel alive.

People say how well I look, and yes from the outside,

they cannot see how crap I feel and all I try to hide.

I guess I'm having a bad day and I don't mean to moan

but why can't it be six o'clock, so I can go back home!

Sorry guys, just having a rubbish day. Mel x

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  • Hi Mel, don't apologize to us, you are allowed to feel like this and to tell us about it, none of us on here mind, we all go through this, I just hope you feel better soon, once you get home you can relax and snuggle on the sofa. Maz x x x

  • Thanks Maz x

  • Mel. it sucks doesn't it. All I can sat is hang in there, you will have better days and things will look brighter, however today I will send you a huge big virtual hug and pray that tomorrow will be better.

    Anne X

  • Thank you Anne, vitrual hug appreciated x

  • Welll Mel, not such a rubbish day when you put it like that, and I feel it is good to have a moan now and then, know how you feel today for me has been a bit strange, woke up feeling rather dizzy, not sure why could be the cold that I have managed to pick up, or just the weather not sure, but hey ho your verse was good, made me know that we all feel off sometimes.

  • Thank you, I hope the cold and dizziness go away x

  • Yep I hope so.


  • Empathy coming your way it's hard when we have the rough days and we all understand - and you have described it so well in poem form - put many of our feelings into words I think. Keep going and I hope a few easier days come along shortly for you

  • very poetic! i feel i should do a rhymed reply....

  • Hi, I very often read these posts but rarely post myself.

    Your words are so true for many of us I just had to say thank you for your post which covers how I and I guess so many feel so well.

    Really hope your having better days.

    Thank you Lynn

  • What a great poem and a brilliant summary of how mpn's make us feel! Hope you have a better day today. Karen X

  • Love your poem! We do have "invisible " illnesses, and as many of us look well if we say we're not so good that day we are met with blank stares, and looks that say - there's nothing wrong with him/her! It's the feeling so tired that gets you. It's lucky I'm retired as my complete lack of concentration wouldn't be very good in the work place.

    We all know there are people a lot worse off than ourselves but we do need to moan sometimes!!

    Hope you're having a good day today!

    Best wishes


  • Thanks to all my fellow sufferers for your kind replies, it feels good not to be alone. I feel brighter today. I wish you all well. Lots of love Mel xxx

  • Hello Mel, thanks for that super ditty. You encapsulate how all of us feel from time to time and it helps to know we are one of so many. I have had a cluster of migraine over this past week and I think they are over today but it makes me so cautious with the grey skies as they are. (My migraine are brought on by light of varying degrees and the reflection from grey skies are the worst). Anyway, your words made me smile and sympathise - so pleased you feel better today x

  • Hi Linds. Thank you for your reply. Migraines are so debilitating, I really feel for you.

    I hope the grey skies lift soon and that you feel better. Mel x

  • Yuk nothing worse than a wipeout day or days in my case. I'm a bit daft I forget I have ET and berate myself for being so lazy when I can't get off the sofa. Then all off a sudden I realise it's a symptom! Hope you come through in a few days and feel much brighter soon.

  • Thanks Millycat x

  • Hello Harleydavidson,

    I read this when you posted but was too shy to respond... Anyway you have been on my mind as I struggle with my job and university assignments, utterly spent, and just cannot think straight.... I hope you are feeling a little better or at the very least talked to your employer to take something time during the day. Just wanted to say you have been on my mind and to say please try not cast yourself as a moan, it was clear from your post you had hit a wall and that is a lonely and draining, place to be. Look after yourself.

    Best wishes


  • Hi Susieq75

    I'm feeling much better thank you, my ferritin was only at 9, which always makes me feel so much worse, but it's rising again now. I don't suppose any one understands the fatigue unless they have suffered it! I wish you luck with your assignments, I cannot imagine how you manage to work and study but well done you for doing both. Take care Mel x

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