unable to go to newcastle

I am totally gutted as I have looked forward to this for so long but mum has developed a very nasty chest infection and at 93 I am having to put her first over the Forum at Newcastle. She has been on antibiotics for a week but no luck. I have called for a home visit as I know she needs more antibiotics. She is adamant she is not going into hospital and I would rather she not be subjected to hospital infections while she is so run down. Please, please can someone put up a post about what was discussed. I am so sorry and totally gutted

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  • Sure lots of loving folk will be giving you a full account of it...so very sorry you can't go and even more so for the reason and so hope your Mum starts to recover soon. You are always a devoted daughter. Bless you. Kindest kindest regards, Tinkerbell13

  • Hi sorry you couldn't make it

    But your minds on other things just now

    I do hope you mams on road to recovery

    93yrs young wow your doing a wonderful Job taking care of her ,

    Our mother's are precious ,

    I miss mine 🙏

    Maz missed you she asked about you x

    You don't forget to take time out for yourself to x

    Love Pam x

  • Hi Pam, i was more than gutted at the timing of it all but as mums carer i had to put her first. Even if i could have got someone in to look after her i wouldnt have been able to concentrate on what was happening. Please fill us in on what happened xx

  • I've put a little info on my status page from Friday x

    Your such a wonderful Daughter , Mums are so precious , treasure every minute as her , 💗

    I miss mine dearly x X

    Take care my dear xx

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