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Trying to make best use of available props, , Things going OK and as expected, few unpleasant effects but I'm coping with them. . Wiped out this morn but rallied and tried to have a laugh or two. . Cheers and enjoy your Bank Holiday for those who work and for them as don't. . I didn't even know it was B.H. LOL XXX

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Glad to hear from you. Good to see you've a new use for urinal jars? (well that's what it looks like!!) hope it was a new one. Great to know you've still got your sense of humor. Thinking of you all. Janice

Ah ha there you are, I was wondering how you were getting on. Good to see you smiling and having some fun. Take care you and I look forward to the next update xx

Hello Chris ,You really are an inspiration to all of us Take care Bye Gill

Hi Chris. Good to see you with your usual sense of fun and humour still working well.

You are in our thoughts Thank you for sharing your journey with us all

Sandy x

Lol love your style and I remember when mobiles were that big haha.

If you want to get ahead get a hat eh ?

Glad you are behaving well sort of .

Still keeping you in my thoughts

Helen x

Oh Chris, you ALWAYS make me laugh. I'm so glad you still have your sense of humour! Love the hat, sort of an Aussie shape without the corks. I've been thinking of you loads and wondering how things were going. I bet you have the nurses in stitches! ( no pun intended ).

Look after yourself and keep us posted.

Judy x

Hi Chris, is there no end to your talents! So glad things going as expected and you are coping so well. Though not surprised you are a real trooper, as my old ma would have said. Mind you take it easy. Keep us posted when you can, we are all thinking of you. Lizxx

Cheers guys , , thought that pic might raise a chuckle. . . It's non-stop fun here just been and stuck 2 antibiotics drips up (now 10.50pm) which take an hour, , tomorrow I have an 18 hour bag which will be a challenge. . . Take care guys. Love and my good wishes your way. . .C xx

Your good humour and good heart will help you through, without a doubt! It's morning here in Perth, western Australia so it's still late where you are. Hope tomorrow goes well for you and that you can rest xx


So I totally misread the title of this thread and thought you were threatening to eat Del Boy's heart out. The perils of skim reading.

Hope your spirits are good today.

Spirit fine and dandy ahead of marathon day and slept good so can't complain. . Enjoy your day folks whatever business you are about. . . Chris xx 🌈

Loved the hat, just missing the feather, as you are surely the feather in all our caps....brilliant, brave, fun and inspirational....combination of antibiotics and bag - lots to handle, but guess this 'patient' and 'poetic' patient will continue to cope with customary courage and cheerfulness ....very very best wishes and we salute you , Tinkerbell13

So good to hear and see you also so glad that things are going OK.

Look forward to your next post. Love the hat & mobile phone. Annette x

Love the pic!! Keep them coming. Will be thinking about you and counting those long hours off for you today.

Karen x

Glad to hear that you are ok and finding amusing things to do to pass the time! Hope today isn't too bad and fingers crossed all continues to go as planned.

Take care

Negotiate a shower break at the end of the 18 hour bag, they should find you a slot every 24 hours. Nearly there.

Yes its time to face the Rabbit ATG my friend, , I have washed myself each day and will have that break or I will take 'Number 5' to the bathroom if I'm able. . Cheers buddy. .

Hope the rabbit turns out to be like Harvey so not obviously noticeable.

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You wrote a poem. I did a mini musical!

Sounds good , , I admire peops with talent like that, , it must be great to write a play or musical. .Chris

No I cheat I simply put my own words to popular songs for this one so had Tainted Blood, Take My Breath Away, Ive Got You Under My Skin etc. and like you do poems for occasions.

Haha I think I recall you telling me that now. . It's not chemo brain just aging . . . Started Rabbit in last hour so through night, , Thanks buddy . C


We got some antibodies, that come from a pet,

They will kill your immune system, on that we will bet.

You are going to feel, so very ill

But at least the NHS, is paying the bill.

You’ll be in isolation

You’ll be a bit of a pest. Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit. Rabbit,Rabbit. Chas & Dave

It was that blasted 'Were' Rabbit from Wallace Gromit snuck up ambushed temp up to 40, , shivered like a huge jelly for ages. Cold compresses helped. OK now. Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit, funny enough I am snooker loopy being a reasonable minus player !!

I hit 40 too and had horrendous shivers. One down two to go. You are rolling.

Love the pic - keep smiling! Hoping and praying all goes well for you! X

I dread to think what alternative use you could make of the 18 hour drip stand! So good to see you are still making fun. This thing is never going to get the better of you! We are the ones that should be trying to cheer you up - and here you are making us all laugh. You are amazing. Hope all continues to go as well as possible. Constantly sending good vibes your way. Jan xx


Morning Chris yes was bank holiday ,awful weather here in kent, Very nice to hear from you and cheery as usual , hope treatment gets bit easier for you and you get home ASAP im not sure what you are useing as a phone there !! Love the hat too take care all best wishes Holly xx

Looking good .Next fashion trend sorted ! .keep smiling .

Your 18 hours must be well under way as I write this so here's to tomorrow. Mind you what delights might they have for you then I wonder......thanks for keeping in touch because you can see we all think of you constantly.

Linda xx

Thanks folks , , Beetle my friend I may well need to call on you guys if the going gets really tough but you've already given so much support and I say THANK YOU to each and everyone of you for that. . I will post a poem I wrote for Blood Cancer Awareness, , , which feel free to use in any way to further the cause , that is if you want to or feel you can relate to it if makes sense (I talk bobbins sometimes). . .

Cheers Chris xx

Hi - Good to hear you are coping, I think everyone was finding it quiet for a while there!! Hoping you are over the worst. How is your sister? Is she back home? All the best.


Hi Chris (Jedi) good that you're still smiling through - "onwards and upwards " my friend.

Love Caz xx

Yes my sister is feeling the effects of her tum injections in for of raised temp, general tiredness and sinuses affected, , I am feeling for her right now. She comes here tomorrow to be hooked up to separating machine for 5 hrs, I get them through my line on 4th, then we wait. . . Onwards and upwards we say. . .x🌻x

Hi Chris, good to see you still have your sense of humour. Love the hat! And the phone, bit like us that have ET just want to phone home but do not get any response, but you are still having us in stitches and that is to be admired so a big thumbs up to you👍 keep the faith.

Just home from hospital blood results excellent again ,,been eating spinnage. And healthy for weeks ,,determined to control the a anaemia ,seems to be working I stay on the ruxolitinib prescribed on the. NHS ,, you are looking as cheeky as ever ! I bet your nurses are loving you as a patient ..naughty boy !! Be good stay cool .focus on the new you ,we are all here for you ..sending big XXXX. Twinkly.

Brilliant pic Chris. So glad you are coping & still have your sense of humour xxx

JR , are a tonic to my flagging spirits ,your guts and humour will pull you thru,all the best to you and your sister for the next stage,thinking of you Both,such brave inspiring people...keep the old and very famous friend always said to does help whatever your faith may be.Bon Chance..Bon Courage.x

Your temperature should come down ok as you are such a cool dude!!!!!

Fingers and lots of other things (including eyes) crossed for you. X

Aye had a tough night with temp touching 40 , , my sis said when her temp went that high once she hallucinated about Booths carry bags floating above her head, , gee I said youre a bit posh mine were just a mix of Asda and Home Bargains !!. True. . .

Anyway all back on track. Got go precautionary chest xray soon , could be the highlight of my day apart from seeing sis later if she ok after donation procedure. .

Thanks for your continued support folks it DOES make a difference. . .yours gratefully Chris XX

Had to have heart and brain scan checks during mine. The only times I left the room. They take no risks and check everything.

That's right they are very thorough to give you the best possible chence , ,you have to get your head round the massive drug cocktail entering your bod which you think would render you comatose. . . Thanks

Hope you were able to see your sis and hope she is feeling ok.

Now also praying that all goes to plan and you will soon be back in the wide world .

Helen x

Helen, seen sis she is tired after donation and would benefit from 12 hrs sleep I would guess. . Dunno yet if she will need attend tomorrow, depends if powers that be are happy with all her donation. . Thanks x

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Good luck for tomorrow. I have my grandson on a Thursday while my daughter works. He is the same age as your granddaughter, born May 2014. I'll be thinking of you in between building stacking cups and playing with very noisy musical toys which he loves.

I hope all goes well.

Judy xx

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Judy what a lovely way to spend Thursday with the wee man, , it's good fun , you tire em get em all tetchy and give em back. . Bliss. Have a good day with him and stop kidding on that is he that loves the musical toys, , ,

Get my sis stem cells up my line Friday so the theory is I get -wait for it -a rest day tomorrow. . Must knock it. . Thanks for keeping in touch I haven't been able to respond to all individually but all the comments I've had have spurred me along. Xx

Hope you got that rest day today and all is going to plan

Helen x

Thanks Helen for your unwavering support, , I did joke about my so called rest day when they hooked me up to a 5 hr bag of Cyclosporine (anti rejection drug) and injected my stomach with daily Fragments to prevent clots due to lying long periods. . So yeah apart from that I've rested. .😀😁😀😁x

Oh ouch on both counts I remember my son injecting the fragmin and he said it hurts

So if all goes well do you get your gift tomorrow ?

Yes probably in the afternoon, , a happy day x

Ooo you'll be like the Queen and have two Birthdays which means two parties !

Wishing you all the luck in the world 🍀🍀🍀

Got an inkling to wear lipstick yet? Those lady cells can work fast.

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