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CRP blood test

Hi Maz,

Hope you are well. I have written this as a post rather than asking you directly as I know the last time I mentioned it, there were other forum members affected.

I have just had the result of a second CRP blood test and it has come back above the normal range again but the GP is putting it down to a osteoarthritis attacking both knees at present. My orthopaedic consultant did not seem to think it was related to my knee issues. Can you please ask the medics if this could be related to my PV and if so, should I be contacting my haematologist?

Many thanks again,

Kindest regards Aime xx😺😺

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Hi Aime

I have raised CRP but my GP said it was nothing to worry about and has not followed it up. I don't have any other conditions that could cause it.



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Thank you both for your speedy replies. I know it is a marker of general inflammation but just wanted to check that there was no direct link to my PV which needed a follow up as my GP practice are not very knowledgeable about MPNs. Good to know Catherine that you didn't need to follow results up as I have enough to contend with just now due to my osteoarthritic knees - sorry didn't mean to moan! Kindest regards to you both Aime xx😺😺

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Hi Aime, I have asked for you and the reply is: I would not expect CRP to be up due to PV. So you will need to go back to your GP I think for further advice. Best wishes, Maz


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