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Blood test result question

I recently had a CBC--again--and there was a result I wasn't familiar with. I didn't see it on my list until I got home and the doc didn't mention it. "Lactate Dehydrogenase" Mine is high. I looked at all my past CBCs and found it only 2 other times-both were in the normal range. Does anyone else have this test ran? I've looked it up but just get more confused. It must not be of any concern since it wasn't mentioned, but I'd like to know more about it and why it's run once in a while.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance

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Hi BeckyM4, I'm not sure of what this means and I am never tested for it. However, there is a post on this website where this topic has been discussed before. If you try typing in Lindiloo3, that's the person who posted and the title of the post 'Lactate Dehydrogenase' hopefully you will be able to view the discussion.

Good Luck

Mary x


Thanks Mary, I was just about to comment on LDH, it was a really good explanation from Maz which she asked Prof Harrison about. Looks like we are stuck with a high LDH!


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Hi Becky,

My hematologist tests for LDH on every checkup, when I asked about it she said to her it indicates disease progression. My LDH sometimes is high and then it returns to normal range, but it is always around the upper border. If you don't mind me asking, what is your exact result?

Best wishes,



In 2011 it was 202. 2016-240. Now it's 353. It says the normal range is 125-243.


I would ask my GP if I should do more tests. It is not extremely high and maybe it returns to normal range on its own, but I would definitely check with my GP because my hematologist says it indicates possible progression of ET.


Thanks for your advice and information, not to mention the support.


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