ET progressing - blasts present?

Hello everyone. I haven't participated on this site much as I've generally put my ET in a box that I only take out twice a year when I have my check ups at the clinic..I have had ET for c. 4 years. This has been generally fine, and apart from the odd bout of fatigue I have carried on much as normal.

Since the beginning of this year I have been more fatigued and at my latest blood test my haemoglobin levels had dropped below normal. Following further blood tests this has been confirmed as not diet related, but they found some blasts (less than 1%) on my blood film.. the Heamatology team didn't day much about this, and I am due to go back for further tests.

I am interested if anyone else has experienced this?


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  • Hi Mrs Average i have been very similar to you for the 6 years I have had ET and have suffered from fatigue periodically but otherwise have been very lucky with little side effects. I haven't had any of your recent symptoms as yet but do have my 6 monthly check up with consultant at the end of this month so will let you know if any similarities are highlighted. Hope your tests prove to be ok and you can start feeling better again.

  • Thank you

  • Hi. Since your question didn't generate many responses I'll answer even though I don't have your symptoms. Could it be that you've progressed from ET to another MPN? (I'm ET Jak2 positive.) I hope you get some answers. Good luck. Katie

  • Hi, yes it appears that my MPN has progressed to MF. Bit of a shock even though you know it is a possibility... I have further tests now to get a better picture about how this is going to affect me. Thank you for your reply 😀

  • Hi Mrs_Average, sorry for the delay in replying to you, sorry to hear that your ET has progressed, I was wondering how you have been getting on, and if you feel that the team that see at your hospital could offer you any further support. Maz

  • Hi Maz, thanks for your message. I'm doing OK, I've been focused on getting through the various tests, it was bmb this week... I don't like them at all but DH came with me :) I just have to wait for the results now. Team at the Hospital are great. The waiting...and thinking are the worst. I'm also way more emotional thanot normal.. nearly cried at work over the last two days!! Still weekend here and have nice things planned. Thanks so much for reaching out. Reading everyone's posts here is really helping...

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