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Morning hope everybody okay , just wanted to ask if anyone takes bp pills ? i was put on them for first time 10 days ago for unstable blood pressure im on 2mg Perindoprill am 62 also suffer with bad Anxiety which doesnt help my bp , i have extopic beats have had almost as long as i can remeber , but woke up with a few this morning and was wondering if bp pill makes them worse ,i noticed in there leaflet that ACE low risk stroke or heart attack when pressure low but its rare my bp goes low in evening and at night i didnt read anything about palpations ect my bp was always higher in mornings mostly or at hospitals and at times at the doctors regards Holly

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  • I too am on blood pressure tablets I on tilderm retard but was on them before I knew I had et , have never had any problems I also take hydra and aspirin and other meds x if unsure ask your doc or consultant x

  • yes my Gp knows i have ET on Asprin due to start HU next appoinment , i rang Gp about my low bp reading as i been told to monitor it was told long as top number doesnt go below 100 its fine and t forfot to ask about extopics but shall do and what i read ii leaflet re strokes thanks Chrissie1959 x

  • Hello Holly

    I, too, am on blood pressure tablets but was prescribed them for a ventricular ectopic beat ( bisoprolol fumarate 5 mg daily) A good side effect is that they keep my blood pressure down. My heart beats are much more regular now.

    I have E.T. Jak neg, Cal positive and am on daily asprin and Hydroycarbamide for 9 years now.

    I am 64.

    Regards Judith

  • Hi yes i been on 80mg propanonol for 9 years and does help bit with Bp but last few month my bp been bit more on high side i do have a lot stress at home which doesnt help so been trying this low dose bp tablet ,i think also with my diagnosis of jak 2 positive and ET im sressing more too my brother has had few mini strokes over last 10 year he has Artril frib and very high bp not being controlled very well by drugs ( he a bit of challenge for hospital i think) haha Think i have tried bisoprolol in past pleased you have sucess with it .whats Cal positive judith?

  • Hi I have PV and take Ramipril for high bp which keeps it under control. I have complained in the past about palpitations but was told not to worry about them. Take care, best wishes Aime x

  • Oh Bless you thanks Aime, i know worrying makes them worse x

  • Hi Catwoman, I am also on an ACE Inhibitator Linsinapril have been for years works well for me, sometimes I get palpitations if stressed, but they are some of the best on the market for BP, take mine of a night time just before going to bed, as my heart specialist told me best time to take. I am also on Hydroxycarbamide and Asprin as I have ET, so just go with the flow.

  • Thank you superwoman, sounds very simalar as mine , so hopefully it work well for me , could be my anxiety giving me palpations beta blocker slows my heart rate anyway but not always the flutters , regards Holly

  • Know how you feel, so very hard to comprehend having to take so many drugs, but once I take them I just get on with things, this site is wonderful so many people to give advise and help. just give them time, if you are not happy speak with your doctor, maybe he can change to another ACE Inhibitator as there are a lot on the market, but it seems to me you are doing all the right things, so chin up.

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