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Night Sweats

Hi everyone. I know we are enjoying some nice warm weather (ssshhhh don't let the weatherman hear) but for the last week I have been having sudden night sweats. I have PV JAK2+ and on hydroxy 1000mg per day. I have often seen others complaining of these horrible episodes but I was lucky enough not to have experienced them yet, until now. Should I be worried that they have suddenly appeared? I keep thinking I have the beginning of a sore throat but an hour later its gone???? Any advice, as usual, much appreciated xxx

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p.s. my diploma has arrived, just waiting for my other certificate from the Institute of Animal Care and Education so I can post a pic holding both in their frames.

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I have them too. I sleep in a polyester tee shirt. It doesn't absorb sweat. I don't feel cold and clammy like I would in cotton and thus have to change it for a dry one. I had them before I was diagnosed so the medication hasn't made any difference. I've accepted them as part of the condition. Having said that, while I was on holiday a few weeks ago I slept right through the night for several nights. I wondered at the time if this was linked to being de-stressed.


Hi yes unfortunately I have them too. I seem to go through spells of no sweats and then a lot of sweats! I feel very drained and fatigued with them and I think they tie in with blood counts rising. I have PV, controlled by venesection and anti histamine only.

Extra rest and fluids help a bit. Every sympathy, kind regards Aime xx😺😺


Although mine is ET Jak+ I have always had bad night sweats and lately a lot more in the day time. I really was surprised re the sore throat saga, because I have exactly the same, and each time it happens I wonder if I have imagined it, but know I haven't, so rather helpful to know we aren't going mad! My sweats been going on for years, and sometimes really bad, but now know certain things trigger worse ones, definitely, definitely alcohol and also if have drunk less water. Sorry you are having to cope with all of this on top of everything else. Best wishes, Tinkerbell13


Sorry you are suffering in this way. I think it is, for some of us, part of having PV. It does seem to go in phases for me, but I can't identify any rhyme or reason for it. I prefer to sleep in cotton, but it seems to affect my head especially - often my hair is soaked through.

As symptoms go, its not as hard to cope with as some others, so I just try to remind myself of that!


I have ET and am on HU and also have the night sweats, and occasionally during the day too! Such fun!!! They seem to come and go, without any particular time frame. X


Me too... :)

But I am sure that they were worse before my meds' started...

I have the throat thing too... Always feeling the need to clear my throat etc...

I guess it must be a part of the norm?




Yes, me too I'm et jak+. And I have them when my platelets are rising, I'm better in the 300 , and I can tell when they're going up, because of the nightly sweats!!!!

Its just a matter of tweaking the meds... 😁


I've got them as well... I've got ET and find that they come and go. I've asked the doc and he has told me that they're just a part of the deal. I will lay a big beach towel on top of the sheets after the first night of sweats. That's easier to change than all of the sheets! I've found mine typically last a week or so, then taper off. :/


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