I just wondered if anyone else takes this and for how long?

I've been taking it since the end of December 2014 and was told it's given as a matter of course when patients are admitted to ICU.

As that was over a year ago and I've made a fully recovery from surgery (Intestinal ischemia) I just wondered whether other people take it regularly and are there any long term side effects?

The reason I ask is that my GP says I should ask my Gastroenterologist whether I can come off it but I won't be seeing him for a few months.

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  • HI Mark. I have been taking it for 10 years at maximum dose for hyetus hernia and to protect from bleeds from aspirin. No side effects that I know of. Mel

  • Hello all I know is there has been a lot of talk about the proton pump inhibitors causing kidney and liver problems here in the US. My husband has to take it because he has Barretts but personally if you can use something else like tums or change of diet etc, I would try to wean yourself off of it because its very hard to get off those pills, it causes rebound reflux when you have taken it for a long time.

  • Hi Mark, I've been taking it for a similar amount of time to Mel along with Renitidine and have had no problems. I've been on drug trials and have been taking Ruxolitinib for the last 2 & 1/2 years. Nick

  • When I first went on HU and aspirin I got a tremendous amount of stomach acid so I was put on it, however (3 years down the line) I have recently stopped taking it, so far I have been ok, however I have been told to watch out for bleeding from the stomach due to the aspirin.

  • Hi Hun, I have been taking it for as long as I can remember and no ill effects. Started taking it for chronic heartburn and indigestion then I had a gastric bypass so will be on it for life. Have no concerns being on it. If you have had a gastric episode then I would keep on it for as long as your specialist recommends. Hope this helps in someway, Jill

  • I questioned my haematologist about PPIs and she said they are probably one of the most over prescribed drugs there are. Having said that she did not want me to come off then as I have had a GI bleed and as she said, they are regularly checking my liver and kidney function so, on balance I'd be better off staying on them.

    If I were you, I would ask the question as PPIs do have risks when taken long term

    Hope this helps. Best wishes, Jan

  • Thanks for the replies. My only concern is over long term side effects. I know some people swear by them and say they help a lot.

  • I have been taking it for years due to stomach problems in the past. I had a stomach ulcer at the age of 14 (46 years ago now - doesn't time fly when you are having fun!!). I was on Omeprazole, for the same reason and as i'm on Aspirin for PV the docs thought it a good idea to remain in Lanzoprozole. as far as I'm aware I have no side effects,

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