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So many soft fruits in season just now ,do try to eat lots of these super fruits fresh for breakfast ,give you energy for a busy day ,

Squeezey honey on your fresh strawberries ,( only English mind) .blueberries ,raspberries ,,are wonderful this time of year ..take care the fruit from Spain is often sprayed with terrible toxics ,we no longer use here in the u.k. Also grapes ( the darker the better ) are good for your blood .try using a blender mix fruit and veg together ,drink yourself well ..don't eat from a can ,,please don't drink can drinks ,,poison for us with blood problems ,,coca cola is pure chemicles ,,think carefully what you put into your body ,,help your doctors by trying to stay well .....twinkly. Xxxx

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Great advice Twinkly, keep reminding us, I have learned so much from this site, especially about what we can do to help ourselves, and as we are always getting new people on the site its good for them too. At the moment I`ve got blueberries and strawberries growing in the garden and hope to grow more as it keeps me busy too which also helps my condition. Regards Sue xx


You make it all sound really yummy Twinkly, I like you love my fruit and veg, and if it is from Spain I give it all a good wash, as Like you have said all the sprays and insectersides they use can cause us peeps many problems, so keep all the good advice coming.

Oh and by the way what do you think of cherry juice, I have heard that it is good for lowering blood pressure, I drink about 150 ml a day not a lot but as I eat lots of fruit I feel it is part of my daily intake.



Good advice as per usual πŸ˜„πŸ˜„ x


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