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Fundraising Updates from Marilyn Webster, MPN Voice Fundraising Co-Ordinator

2014 is an exciting year for MPN Voice Fundraising. We have been set the challenge to raise £100,000 to fund the Epidemiology Study and with your help we will.

Doing Your Own Thing

Many of you held events in January and we are looking forward to receiving the photos and editorial about them.

Kelly Sanders put forward MPN Voice as her workplace Charity of the Year, and her colleagues at Lufthansa Technik have raised an amazing £439 with a raffle. More events are planned for the coming year, including a ‘Cake Bake Competition’ next month, I’m looking forward to being a judge! Lufthansa Technik has very kindly offered to match the total raised.

MPN Voice was chosen by the Latin Dance Society at Royal Holloway University London, for the ‘Strictly Come Holloway Night’ on 6th February. Many thanks to Ashlea Kemp for putting MPN Voice forward and organizing this event and raising £1,348.20. Looking forward to seeing the photos!

Cara Martin nominated MPN Voice recently as her chosen charity for her work’s Annual Dinner Dance where they raised an amazing total of £1,670 to share between 5 chosen charities.

Andrea Headech is organizing a MPN Voice Charity 60s Disco on Saturday 8th March in Ashford, Kent. Come along to this ‘fab’ 60s themed disco and help raise money for MPN Voice. A curry meal is also included in the ticket price of £15 per person. To purchase tickets please telephone 07742 091 337 (tickets cannot be purchased through MPN Voice). Thank you Andrea for organizing this disco and for donating all the money raised to MPN Voice for research.

Lynn Austin and her family have definitely taken up the challenge. March is going to be an exciting month, with Lynn and Don doing a sky-dive!! Her sons-in-law, Danny Newson and Lee Cross are running the Colchester Half Marathon on 16th March. Training is going well, if a bit soggy! If you would like to sponsor Danny and Lee you can do so at their JustGiving online sponsorship pages, please use these links to redirect you:-

Danny Newson

Lee Cross

One of Lynn’s friends organized a ‘Dress Down Day’ at work and has just raised for MPN Voice a fantastic £145. A huge thank you to Lynn and her family, please remember to send us the photos, they will be amazing!

Jillian is running the Chester Half Marathon for her dad on 18th May and has started her training, raising awareness in her MPN Voice t-shirt.

Charlotte is also running for her father, doing the 10k Chiltern Chase on 8th June in aid of MPN Voice.

Thank you to everyone who has planned or is planning their own Fundraising Event for MPN Voice. Don’t forget to contact me,, and tell me what you are doing so that I can send you a Fundraising Pack, t-shirt, flags, balloons, things that will help your fundraising and raise awareness of MPN Voice.

MPN Voice 2014 Fundraising Events

If you don’t feel like organizing your own event then join us and take part in one of our MPN Voice Fundraising Events.

Your MPN Voice Fundraising Team are currently finalising details for a MPN Voice Abseil and MPN Voice Coffee Morning. Dates and full information to follow shortly.

Do you feel like a Challenge? Then sign up through MPN Voice Fundraising for The Thames Path Challenge on Saturday 13th September. A 25k walk or run from Runnymede to Cookham -

The Thames Path National Trail is unique, with its beautiful scenery, steeped in history. It’s the only long distance path to follow the river for most of its length. Many will walk the 25k at their own pace (yes, that’s me), some will jog parts of it and others will run the full 25k in half marathon style. There will be great on-event support by Action Challenge, including food and drink stops, medics and massage! Hopefully by September it will have dried out!

Registration is £25, with a commitment to raise £145. If you would like to find out more please contact me,

MPN Voice is continuing to flourish and grow, helping more people who have been diagnosed with a MPN. The Epidemiology Study will uncover information about the patterns of these cancers and understand which people get MPNs and why they get them. This will lead to better treatments being developed and ultimately to finding a cure.

We have been challenged to raise £100,000, with your help – WE WILL.

Best wishes.

Marilyn Webster

MPN Voice Fundraising Co-Ordinator

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Hi Maz

I work for Tesco who are big supporters of Cancer research do you have a leaflet of all the work MPDV do so i can show my boss and see if we can get some people involved.

Many thanks



Hi Sparko35, brilliant thank you, we would be very happy to send you some information, can you let me have your email address, email me at, thank you. Maz


Hi Maz, can you send me info re the walk please? My email is

Many thanks

Diana x


Hi Diana I'll email you with the details of the walk and you can register through me as part of the MPN Voice Team

Many thanks



Aw thank you Marilyn, I would really appreciate that! Have many signed up? Take care, Diana


Early days yet. I need to get some walking in as I am feeling very unfit at the moment!! I'll email you on Monday with everything. Have a lovely weekend, Marilyn


Me too, I am so unfit at the moment! My 9 year old asked me if he could do it and raise money too but I am not sure if it is a bit much for his age? Are kids allowed?Have a great weekend! Thanks Diana x


Hi Diana Sorry this is for over 18 years, but there are lots of Fun Runs that he could do. I will email you a link. I'll be emailing soon. Have a great evening. Thanks Marilyn x


please could you email me too, xxxxx


Hi Noodles Yes I will email you with the details. What a wonderful email address!! Have a great evening. Marilyn xx


Hi Maz just seen the link to join. Thanks Diana


Hi Diana, that's ok then, you will email Marilyn. Best wishes, Maz.


Thanks Maz x


My husband has PMF and myleodisplasia and is awaiting a stem cell transplant.

We have been married 45 years today and if you tell me where to send the money I will send a cheque to start off your fundraising year.


Hi Ednama, many congratulations to you both, I hope you had a lovely time celebrating. What a lovely gesture, thank you, if you could send a cheque made payable to MPD Voice Fund 580, to Freepost RSUJ-TJCG-YUYU, Guy's and St Thomas' Charity, London, SE1 8WA. Best wishes, Maz.


I am most definitely up for this challenge and yes I will be walking!going to register next week :)


Hi with regard to fundraising, I thought I would donate a percentage of my sales to mpd/voice but is not set up on Ebay as a charity as yet!. Im sure we could all sell a few bits and pieces for this worthy cause . How about it?


Hi millycat, that's a really kind gesture thank you, with regards to us being set up on Ebay, I am not sure if we are able to do this, I will have to check with the main charity office and see what they say. Kind regards, Maz.


Hi again Millycat, we have checked with the Guy's and St Thomas' charity office and they have given us the following reply: "we are unable to set up as a charity as any payments that we’d receive from Ebay would come via Paypal and the way the money comes in would make it very difficult for us to track. This means we wouldn't be able to ensure that donations were allocated to MPN Voice rather than the general Guy’s and St Thomas’ pot" so I'm afraid that it won't be possible, however, you can send donations to us by cheque to MPD Voice, c/o Freepost RSUJ-TJCG-YUYU, Guy's & St Thomas' Charity, London, SE1 8WA. Kind regards, Maz.


Hello! I have just created a justgiving page for my charity walk i'll be doing in July! if anyone would like to donate or pass this link in I would be very grateful!

thankyou xx


Once you decide to give its easy ,just think "what am I good at?" It is that easy ,I'm good with dogs ,I minded a puppy for a friend for 3 weeks ,they gave me £ 100 on their return home ,I sent it to MPD , I went to the NEC to a big dog show ,we all raised money for cancer ,I made pink ribbons on gold safety pins ,,was donated £50 ,in total .sent it to MPD ,my mate makes little soft dog duvets for small dog beds ,we sell them and save for MPD.,well I do have bigger plans too but you dream up your own !!

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Hey ladies,

I already have a place in the great North Run and would like to run it for MPD/N, can you send me a fund raising pack please. I am also interested in doing the London Marathon (gulp)..... :-)



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