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tonight was the first east midlands mpn group meeting in Nottingham it went really well


thank you so much for all of you that turned up think it was a fabulous turn out for the first meeting there were 12 patients and 3 supporters and 3 speakers kate from maggies angela the specialist nurse and of course our very own maz I would like to take the opportunity to thank them for attending and speaking to us this was very informative but was also great to meet so many of you and share experiences I look forward to hearing your feed back and what you would like from these meetings michelle

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see you there, was a bit worried about the snow but all seems ok now this way

Shelly1960 in reply to Paul42

paul was great to see you there sorry I didn't get chance to chat to you properly

Is fine here to Paul and i am close to the hospital all cleared up at the moment

So sorry I couldn't make it - I'm working in Wiltshire this week, and I hope I can come along to the next one. It's a great opportunity and I look forward to hearing what everyone thought of it.


Well done Shelly ..I'm really glad your get together was a success ,wish I lived nearer I would like so much to come ,,lucky with the weather .now you tried and enjoyed look forward to news of your next venture ..twinkly. Xx


I thought it went well. Well done for helping organise this.

I think if we get one thing out of it, its being able to talk about it with other people who understand.

That is one of the main problems, because the majority of people have never heard of an MPN , even as we discussed last night a lot of GP's dont know much about them either.


Thanks for organising I found it really helpful to meet others dealing with their npm

Me too, it's a very useful forum for sharing experiences and ideas. And it's always nicer that the online equivalent.

am so pleased you all enjoyed makes all the hard work worth while

Glad all enjoyed and hippie you enjoy the next one

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