I'm really looking forward to my son's wedding but I'm also dreading it because I'm going mad with wet hair from head and upper body sweats

Does anyone else have random excessive sweating bouts all through the day and night. I am tormented and embarrassed by this. If I get anyway warm or have something hot to eat or drink the perspiration runs down my face and neck and water drips from my hair. Most times the meltdown happens for no reason. I have to carry a fan with me all the time. At night I have to sleep on towels and have one around my neck as well. Not a good look!! I have PV.Any tips

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  • My sister suffers terrible with hot flushes that start at her head and move down, and her hair is wringing wet. We discovered gel fill scarfs whilst in Las Vegas last year that she popped in the freezer and when we went out she just popped them around her neck. She bought a few and brought them home, not sure if you can get them in the UK but I'd be surprised if you couldn't or at least find them online. Obviously not a cure but it might help to make you more comfortable.

  • Thanks for that Mallard. I've never heard of these but I'm certainly going to try for them online. I'd try anything at this stage.

  • You can get them in this country as I have one - I really doubt whether this sweating has anything to do with MP disorders, it sounds more like a menopause problem which often goes on for years.

  • My sweats are at night mainly & these are through the Myelofibrosis but also I find if I eat anything before going to bed it makes the sweats worse which I seem to think is because I am no longer active to use up the carbs.. as in food giving energy & its nowhere to go except thought the pores

  • Thank you all for your answers. I really appreciate them

  • My sweats start of in the chest area and then go through my whole body. They last a couple of mins and I land up (if in bed) throwing the bed covers of and waiting for it to go away and me to cool down. Mine do start anytime from first thing in the morning to just after dinner. I do keep getting asked about my sweats but I find I can cope with them at the mo as I don't want to take any tablets unless I realy have to. I have MF and passed the menapause stage.

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