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Spleen pain, normal or not?

Good morning my MPN friends, I am feeling rather lousy this morning because I am suffering with wave after wave of pain from my spleen. This has been happening more and more frequently, especially when I first wake up in the morning but also happening throughout the day. It starts off with a little niggling, cramping sensation, then the pain increases to quite an alarming level then goes down again. I haven't been to the GPnfor fear of being hospitalised because I look after my 92 year old mum but sometimes the pain is getting so bad it stops me in my tracks. Does anybody else have this problem, if so what have you done? Thanks again my friends, Jill xx

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Hi Jill,

I have an enlarged spleen (22.5 cm), am told its really big at that and I dont get any pain like that.

I 'sometimes' feel it, if that makes sense, its not pain as such, but i know its there.

I know you dont want to go to the Docs, BUT - if you get any pain you MUST go - i would try and see your MPN consultant rather than your GP. Ring them up and explain whats happening, not sure if you have had scans or anything but would be worthwhile to see how enlarged your spleen is (US is painless and quick).

There are plenty of 'natural' treatments that are supposed to help with spleen health, aloe vera juice, milk thistle and the like and by all means give these a try BUT only after you have been to see your consultant and discussed it with him or her, but please dont ignore pain of any type. One thing i find 'settles' my insides is hot lemon water - lemon is acidic but changes to alkaline when it enters the body (so i am told, dont ask why i dont know) - have a couple of glasses of that see if that helps for now. Its harmless.

I dont want to make this sound alarming, its not meant to be, you are much better going and getting yourself checked over.

Ring them tomorrow.

Let us know how you get on.

Best wishes.



Thanks Paul, that hot lemon water sounds yummy,ni am mad about lemon, it would go towards my water intake as well which I struggle with. I see my consultant the week after next after a liver scan this week which has been booked as an upper abdomen scan so that will include the liver. If anybody has ever had the misfortune of gallstones, well that crescendoing and then referring pain is what I am experiencing but on the opposite side. Will definitely let you know what happens. Thanks for taking the time to reply to my post😉



good luck, sounds a good chance to talk about it.



I regularly get pain in my spleen area, I've had an ultra sound scan and everything was normal, but I still get the pain, haematologist and gp just say it's muscular, but I've had it for over 6 months!! Disappears now and again but always comes back.

Best wishes



I had this VERY badlyl on Christmas day (and I had barely eaten anything), collapsed, and wound up in John Radcliffe Hosp. for the day, and into the night. I was given lots of painkillers and released as CT scan was being delayed. The Drs. concluded that it was a blood clot in spleen. I can tell you one thing - I've had 3 children and never had a pain even close to that. I would prefer not to have it again (!) I hope you never have it again either. MPNs are really strange, aren't they?


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