Well, a bit of great news

Hi everyone,

I know this isn't exciting for you folks, but I have to boast to someone out there - have just heard that our lovely son in law has passed his final exams and we now have a Captain Burnham in the family.

It's been incredibly hard work for the last 5 years, and is very expensive to train.

Easy jet by the way, so if you fly out of Luton and Captain Burnham welcomes you onboard - he belongs to us and you're in very safe hands. 😊

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  • Amazing for all the family - of course you're very proud and sharing such good news is great!!!! I wish him every success and happiness.

  • That's fantastic news. Well done to him and to you all I know how much support the family has to give to enable our offspring reach their goals. So well done and good luck. Bruddery

  • Well done him! 😄😄

    Best wishes


  • Hi - this is very good news for you all and assuring to know for Luton passengers!

    Well done! Sue

  • What lovely news and how exciting for you all. Thanks for sharing xx

  • Congratulations to him Loub! X

  • It's always lovely to share in good news and you are rightly proud of him. Congratulations to him

  • Thank you for sharing that wonderful news and congratulations to him and your family xx

  • Jolly big achievement, no wonder you are proud

  • you must be so proud, congratulations Cap'n

  • Hi everyone, thanks so much for all your good wishes, it means a lot!

    Now hoping that babies might be next on the horizon.......have a great weekend.


  • Congratulations to you, him and all the family. He must be very clever and hardworking. It is so lovely to hear good news Lizxx

  • Congrats! I know you are very proud! Mickey

  • Well done - worth alnthe hard work!

  • Wonderful news. Wish he could fly out of Edinburgh and I could brag, I sort of know the Pilot. lol. x

  • Lovely news, pleased for you all. Mel x

  • What a lot of lovely replies, thanks so much!


  • Congratulations xx

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