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Going around in circles

So I've been laying low for a while for no other reason besides being busy..... But as we all do I'm sure is need a little reassurance every now and again.....so I am due in for me 3rd BMB in the next few weeks, INR has been unstable since the last one a year ago....my dizzy spells are crazy.....to the point I am stilling down in the middle of classes.....this us not good for a fitness instructor and tomorrow they are giving me a pneumonia injection....,.anyone else had enough of playing these game and fancy running away with me?

Hope ur all well!!

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All I can really say to that post Chelle is, yes, yes, yes. That is how it gets at times. You are in the wars. I hope your results improve and your dizziness starts to decrease. When you are trying to do a job it isn't easy. Don't run away. It'll just go with you. Stay and fight. You'll get there. X


Oh Chelle, how lovely to see a post from you. I have often wondered how you were doing and also if you still went up to clinic at Guy's or had you moved away. Shame about the dizzies as they are so awful and as you say given the career you are following, not good. Mine are not nearly as bad as they once were but when the early signs show I become a wimp and do huge deep breathing exercises. Not sure what that does other than makes me feel as if I have some sort of control.

Regarding the pneumonia jab, that should pass without a problem - I had one two years ago but apparently as immune system is compromised, will have one again next year.

Tell you something that has seemed to make a huge difference to me and I did not think it would and that's taking Vit D. Guy's recommended it to my GP and I have been taking a fairly strong dose for 4 weeks now and my energy levels and walking ability have improved hugely. I am still taking the Rux for the MF and that suits me very well I am grateful to say.

Chelle, you are such a wonderful tower of strength given what you achieve - keep up the fight and good luck with your BMB. Will be thinking of you, and you will get on top of things as that is the nature of you. Best wishes,

Linda x


Hi Linda, I have moved away I am now down in Bournemouth.....I'm unsure about the new team but I am bearing with......time will tell. That's great that you have a better amount of mobility and that you are feeling well. I am off to see my GP next week. I think there have been changes in my liver..laid it's not one thing.....

Stay well!! Xx


I am praying for you that BMB is easier, less painful and less stressful, and good outcome. May God have His mercy and grace upon you. Amen


Absolutely yes. Sick of thinking about it. Sick of having to refuse invites, sick of not being able to whizz through the. Housework or take the fog on long walks. Sick of being sick.

But conversely, I also realise I am better than many others and am extremely grateful for the health I do have. After a transfusion I have about ten almost normal days. Hurrah. Much love xx

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Meant the dog..... Not fog!


Jane, I think I liked the idea of 'fog'. Very funny!



I will run away with ya where we going


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