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Saturday Night Takeaway


Hey Frinds , Thanks for your encouraging responses, I draw strength reading them all. . And then cry !! Thought I'd share the fact that as I'm struggling to eat enough I've been on what's called Total Parental Nutrition TPN, for several weeks now. It's a white gunk that flows directly into my bloodstream via Hickman Line, but is not my idea of a Saturday night takeaway 😁. . . As a result of sugar content Im temp diabetic so need 2 insulin shots a day , one thing begets another in this game. . Ho hum. .

Cheers Chris xx

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Here I am in a state of dis belief !! You was a bad boy ..popping into Macdonalds ,for shakes and frys ,for so long ,,and the amber nectar got used to those tasty junk meals ..I hope when you come home this time ,you will believe me and try to change the taste buds to all things green. and growing ,,juices and nutri blend shakes ,, it's not just Brussels at Christmas in our house ,,Bob and I are proof that eating and drinking fresh healthy food will help with these bloody awfull side effects ,,flushing ,itching ,pain in the joints ,,sores and bruising ..dry skin ,energy levels my lovely boy make this New Years resolution to get well .get strong .and get healthy .Im sending my love and best est wishes ,,come on home soon ,,,, twinkly ,xxxxxx

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Hope your healthy lifestyle helps you through the challenges yet to come for you, Twinkly. Xx

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Agree agree with all twinklys advise ..x

So sorry you are going through all of this and hope you will be feeling better very soon. Keeping you in my prayers.

Happy New Year Chris!

And as we say in the north 'onward and upward!'

Lesley X

Oh dear that looks horrid stuff, i reckon fill it with Guinness it might look much better :)

Seriously though, hopefully it will do the trick for you and you will be back on something nice soon.

Best wishes.


The meal replacement product does look pretty grim. I've just been reading Ian Rankin's latest ="Even Dogs in the Wild" where there's a lot of talk of takeaways - usually curries so I really sympathize- it definitely doesn't compare. I hope the Docs find a balance soon and you get to put all this behind you, its just a case of hanging in until they figure it all out and hit on the right approach and then you'll be out the door and down to your local. Rebus seems to favour malt whisky or a pint at the Oxford. I used to like a lager and lime when I was growing up in the UK.

Its good to hear you have such terrific support in your wife.

Sending you all good wishes from across the pond. Hang in there it will get better.


Hey Chris, I prefer the picture of you! :) If prayers and thoughts help a person, then I am guessing you have a huge pair of arms holding you all the time. The people on this forum are with you, and your lovely wife, all the way. Until the real thing happens, focus your daily meditations on drinking a cold beer and eating your favourite nosh ;) One more and best wishes to you and yours xxx Jeanette

Our poor brave Jedi, you really are still having a bad time. I hope and prey that you will get better and stronger by the day and that this ordeal will soon be over for you and that you will get out of there and be back with your family very soon. Much love Mel x

Hey, Chris. A happy and HEALTHY New Year to you. We are all hoping it gets you back well on the road to recovery. You must be SO wanting to go home now. Get well SOON xxx

Hi Chris, you just seem to be going from one thing to another. Lets hope this year turns out to be a better one and you turn the corner and are fully on the mend.

I like others are amazed at how cheerful you and take the time to let us know how you are getting on. Fingers crossed 2106 is a much better year for you.


Whilst recognising their vital role, admit to having rather uncomplimentary thoughts about TPN....tasteless, puking, nasties; tadpole paella noblesse; totalitarian ponsey nitbits; However, Chris, is altogether different. Courageous, Hunky, Remarkable, Inspirational, Superb. and his wife, Wow, Inspiring, Feisty, Essential! (and a G to add....for surely Gorgeous). Loving thoughts, nonstop admiration, and prayers, Tinkerbell13

Brilliant Tinks!! And so spot on. Poll x

Thanks for your fun reply! Great forum this! Happy Healthy New Year to you....Tinks!

As I've said before just be thankful it's not me preparing your meals. When my youngest son joined the Royal Navy they told the new recruits that the cooking wouldn't be like their mothers - his response was "thank God for that"!

Hopefully you'll soon be home and on catch up with food and drink that's been denied you (in moderation of course!)

My husband is on soft food due to having his teeth out, his gums have been a mess and he's fed up of the food and the jokes too now, (Sons bought him sticky toffee and humbugs for Christmas - oh how he (didn't) laugh) I'll show him your post and then he'll realise he's got nothing to moan about (apart from being married to me)

Best Wishes to you and yours


Keep on hanging on in there Chris, surely you must be over the worst by now? What else can be thrown at you? And that bag of gunk just looks vile!! At least it's by line and not oral!! Always in my prayers, much love, Poll x

Hello Chris, In the bags of TPN there is some really good nutrition for you, whilst you are off your food .Hopefully your appetite will slowly return. As always, take care. Bye,


You are a star Chris you have faced and endured much - none of which is your fault at all and you have shown much courage in going through all this and I am glad you did have good times eating and drinking in the past - good to while you could eh! - and you will again my friend this time will pass by and you will improve and strengthen - much thoughts to you and your wife each day gone by is a day nearer the better and well times ahead. Jill

So sorry you are going through all this Chris, it's one thing after another for you. Thinking of you and hope things start to improve for you very soon xxx

Christopher I'm so sad to see this post ,

I truly truly wish you the very best of health for the coming year ,

Sending you Geordie get well wishes

Howay man get ya sel oot of there & get doon the pub for a Guinness with ya mates ⚽️ , X

No seriously I'm thinking of you good man , your such a breath of fresh air and make our days so bright ,

You've lots of good friends on here , so take strength from that & keep your pecker up Chris ,

From Pam X


Good luck cris everything crossed for you keep smiling xxxxxxxx

Hi all this is kisse wife have been down with this dreaded flu bug for a week now so my lovely pmf husband is having to look after me instead I think the word fatigued is an understatement bless him his platelets are gradually in creasing and we hope the are at least around 50 tomorrow when he sees his haemo the flu is nothing in comparison to mylofibrosis and what comes along with that But we get by loving and caring for each other God bless you all keep safe xxxxxxx eve