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I recently stop take hydroxcarbimide due to have a operation, I have just started taking it again and have this pain on the left side just below the rip cage, it radiate to my back and I get a fizzing feeling there to. Could this be the medication. Did not have it before taking the drugs, just a bit worried cos it's quiet painfull, I take pain killers, they help with the pain but doesn't take it away fully. Any advise please.

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Hi sjdard. . Hope you're op went well and you are recovering at a pace. My tuppence on your mystery pain is that no amount of speculation will substitute for getting a proper medical opinion either from your GP or as you think it may be linked to restarting HU, your Hem. I reckon It needs to be someone who can look at the bigger picture of your health issues and put this pain into perspective within that, as it's hard to second guess a single aspect of it.

In any event I hope you get it sorted quickly as any niggling pain can wear you down day on day. . Cheers Chris. . .


I'm on HU and have been getting a pain in my left side under my ribs, I thought it was an enlarged spleen, but a scan on Friday showed that was normal, nothing else showed on the scan. I still keep getting the pain, and yes I have occasionally had the fizzing too! Glad somebody else has it as I thought that was my imagination!! I had replies from others saying they too had a mystery pain under their left ribs, so we are not alone. Please mention it to your GP or consultant as it does need investigating. I go back to my doctor next week, so I'll see what he says, I don't see the haematologist for another 3 weeks, but I will bring it up again then.

Best Wishes


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Hi I have had some discomfort but not really pain and cannot sleep long on my LHS . I too insisted on an Ultra sound scan of my spleen and liver and all appeared normal . I have been on Hydroxycarbamide now for 20 plus years

all the best

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I get this to, will mention it to my consultant next tine, I'm not holding my breath that I get any answers cos he not that good. Hope you can get some answe to.


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