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Different brands of Hydroxicarbamide

Hi everyone,

I'm thinking of decamping to the Christie hospital in Manchester - we live in a fairly rural area, and I never see the same haematologist twice,( always locums, who of course don't know my history )they also don't appear to have their fingers on the button re drug trials etc...I'm hoping perhaps in a bigger, cancer specific Hospital they'll have their fingers on the button and I might have more hope of seeing the same person every week!

Anyway, just a bit concerned as the the lead consultant there says he can't confirm that the pharmacy stocks, or can get, the same medication - I take white hydroxicarbamide made by Medac in Hamburg, Germany. For the last four years these have been going down a treat - touch wood - and I'm really loathe to rock the boat, just in case.

I'm very sensitive to different "fillers" used in drugs and would prefer to stick to the same make. Does anyone know if local pharmacy's can supply? Boots etc.

Would really appreciate any feedback you can give.

Thanks. x

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Hi louise, I was told that my hydroxy can only be dispensed by the hospital. I asked as the pharmacy at my hospital is an 80 minute wait on a good day! A long time after waiting at least an hour to see the consultant and fretting as I have to get back to work. X


Hi Judy,

How are you? Thanks for your reply. An 80 minute wait, crikey, the last thing you need.

Hope I'm not jumping out of the frying pan into the fire.

I'm just so sick of seeing different haematologists, who never bother to introduce themselves ( and if they did, I couldn't pronounce their names) I sometimes wonder what happens to all the medical students who are trained in this country.

Off to other countries no doubt to earn more money! Anyway, I phoned the local pharmacy at the health centre, she's getting back to me, and I also checked that the Christie have the same drugs, and it sounds as though they do, so maybe panic over.

Ghastly weather here. Hope you're not under water.



I'm good thanks. No, we've been very lucky with the weather. I live very close to the river and had to get sand bags December 2012, but this winter we have been ok. Somerset has been hit much harder than Devon.

Sorry I didn't get back to you with your questions Louise, I have been having internet problems. All sorted now I hope. X


My hydroxycarbamide comes from Boots in the village. Its made for ER SQuibb and sons by Corden Pharma Latina in Italy. With 500 mg ie half a gram which I guess it does not need any bulking out.

When i lived in Stockport Christies was the best cancer hospital in the North of England I am sure they would look after you

all the best

Town Crier


From my understanding the white Medac version of hydroxy is the cheaper version so you would be more likely to get that anyway. There is no reason why a local pharmacy cannot dispense it although they may well have to order them in for you. If they do order it in for you specifically you could mention that you would prefer the Medac version and they should be happy to oblige.


Thanks everyone, much appreciated.



Hi late replying so hope you have got this sorted by now. My GP does my prescription for Hydroxycarbamide as like you the wait at the hospital pharmacy was just so long. Lloyds pharmacy appear to have no trouble dispensing this and it is the Medac brand I receive. Unfortunately I am now on Interferon as well and so back to the hospital pharmacy as my Hem thinks my GP will not do a prescription for this as more expensive so long waits again sigh.


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