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Hydroxea and indigestion


Does anyone have problems with indigestion while being on HU. I just started taking it but my indigestion is through the roof. Tums taken all day does not even touch it. Was wondering if it from the medicine as I don't see too many people with that side effect. Thanks appreciate any advice.

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Since I was diagnosed ,I have had continual problems with my digestion ..you are not alone ,,I was gluton intolerant for 18 months ,bread and cakes were off the menu ,the food for non gluton is often awful to taste ,so it's just certain foods that trigger the burning ,,iv had the exploratory tests ,,I have a heyiatus hernia ,which has been rumbling for years .but it goes manic when I eat processed or junk food ,,sausages and burgers ,were the first ,,then those lovely aunty Bessie's things ,,that save time but make us suffer later ,,so slowly iv become vegetarian ..I get a tiny chicken breast ,or salmon occasionally ..I read books about diet and now I'm quite an authority .on the best way to cope with our problems of side effects with our medication ..try reading a book ..the china study ,,by T.Colin.Campbell...phd. I know .Mx S is very expensive but their food ,,especially chicken. X fish ,is often o.k. But soft veg or home made soup is best ..let me help if you need any more suggestions ,,, twinkly. X

Hi, I have indigestion from time to time. When it arrives it is awful. I am not sure whether it is the aspirin or the hydroxy. I take a prescribed tablet each morning to help my stomach. This has just been upped from 10mg per day to 20mg. to see if it helps. This happened a year ago and after a few weeks I was ok and the medication was reduced to 10mg. Caffeine is a trigger for me but we are all different. Do look at what you eat and if there is anything that triggers it but do enjoy your food.

I hope this helps. I have been on Hydroxy for 9 years and was fine for the first 7.

Best of luck.

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Acetylsalicytic acis is one of the great discoveries of the ages, but it will give you an ache in your tum-tum. I take 81mg per day and my gastro-enterologiist is even cautionary about that much.

You need a prescription for Gaviscon.

I bought the tablets too, as it went on all day as well as at night. It has improved but still occurs.

Do you take your Hydroxy at night, it may help.


Hi Mickey, do take a daily aspirin? Aspirin can cause dyspepsia. If you are taking aspirin you should check with your doctor or pharmacist before taking any indigestion tablets/liquids (antacids) that they are ok to take with Aspirin as there can be an interaction between them. Maz


I too have ulcers and hiatus hernia which flare up from time to time and found it intolerable. I think you will find if you ask your GP he may prescribe Omeprazole or Pantoprazole. Most folks I know over a certain age take one or the other. A continuous regime of tablets cannot help but irritate your stomach occasionally....or frequently! I take Pantoprazole which I regard as a miracle treatment. If I forget to take one I know all about it. Before my doc prescribed this I was drinking Gaviscon (carried in my handbag), like it was going out of fashion. Ha, ha, not too good for your social life or your arm muscles. Good luck. ❤

Hi Micky64, I get a lot of acid, but my Haemo told me to take Omeprazole when I get a flare up, I should take every day, but have after the first months treatment now only take when needed, really helps.

Mind you, now have to be very careful with wine and spicy food, so drink lots of water through the day which helps too.

Best of luck

Jean x

Anything besides HU?

Hiya Mickey

My husband takes lansoperzole on a morning he's been great. Ask your gp for them as they are a stomach protection tablet good for indigestion too.

He had his first blood check up yesterday since starting the hydroxy and his platelets have come down fromm 700 to 500 his hemocratic is down to 0.45 so in all fantastic results.

He takes his tablet at night, he said the only this he's noticed is a bit of a sore throat not sure if it's connected to the tablet.

Hope you get sorted soon!

Omoprazole is great, and works better than any over-the-counter antacids.

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